Hanken for equality and diversity

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In its strategy, Hanken has strongly committed to promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

In all our work with our employees and students, we are committed to act for equality and diversity. Gender equality and equal treatment issues are part of the quality and administrative work at the university. 

Hanken has zero tolerance for harassment of all kinds. This applies to both the preventive work as Hanken actively opposes creation of structures and conditions that maintain inequality and exclusion, and the intervention in cases of harassment.

Hanken is a safe place to study and work for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, or sexual identity. If you notice any signs of discrimination or harassment, whether observed explicitly or indirectly as part of structures and processes, please contact Hanken’s DEI Representative Henna Konsti (henna.konsti@hanken.fi).

Hanken’s student union SHS has also committed to foster equality and stop harrassment and asks students to contact them immediately in any issues regarding equality matters via equality@shs.fi. Read more about SHS’s equality and harrassment policy Opens in new window .


Hanken has a gender equality and equal treatment plan that has been approved by the Rector. The plan has been prepared and is being monitored by the earlier Gender Equality Committee. Hanken's DEI Commitee is during Spring 2024 in the process of writing a DEI Plan for Hanken.

The purpose of the gender equality plan is to inform about the gender equality situation at the university and to encourage the integration of the gender equality principles and thinking in all activities within the university.

The Gender Equality Committee considers this to be particularly important for a business university whose students will work within and at different levels in society and business. Gender equality work applies both to Hanken as a study environment and as a workplace. 

  • Hanken is continuously striving to attain increased gender equality and to maintain and achieve equal treatment of everyone within the School's divisions and offices, as well as among its students. Gender equality and equal treatment issues form part of the School's quality assurance and human resources undertakings.
  • The School's staff policy and its teaching impart attitudes that foster gender equality and equal treatment. Hanken educates its students to become well-informed bachelor, master and PhD graduates who, through their actions, will help make working life more equal and equitable.
  • Hanken's zero tolerance policy is not up for discussion. Should the Equality Representative, a member of the Gender Equality Committee, a head of department, employee or student report any event of discrimination or harassment, whether observed explicitly or indirectly as part of structures and processes, action should be taken.
  • The plan offers an inclusive coverage approach, including gender, gender identity and orientation (LGBTQIA), ethnic background, religion or other beliefs, any disabilities, age, language, etc.
  • All staff recruitment is to be discrimination-free. Any advertising is to be gender-neutral. Equality aspects will be taken into account in this process. Under-represented groups can be actively encouraged to apply. Please note that it is not discrimination if it promotes equality (= "positive discrimination").
  • There will be a particular focus on issues around positive work/life balance, such as the option of flexible working hours, parental and family leave, meeting practices and other aspects impacting on work/life balance.
  • Documents concerning gender equality and equal treatment, and response processes and support in cases of harassment or unfair treatment, must be easily accessible in both of the official Hanken languages. In addition to employees and students, casual staff and part-time teachers, associates and those applying to work or study at Hanken must also have access to the documents.

Term period: 1.1.2023 - 31.12.2024. 

Member Role
Henna Konsti DEI Representative,
chair of the committee
Professor Martin Fougere Member
Lecturer Åke Finne Member
Assistant Professor Carlos Diaz Ruiz Member
Associate Professor Man Yang Member
Marketing Coordinator Alina Anderson Member
Study Affairs Coordinator Hanna Sipiläinen Member
PhD student Susanna Kallio Member
Student Aliisa Lundén SHS representative
Student Frida Winberg SHS deputy representative
Director Elina Stadigh Employer representative


DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) representative:

Henna Konsti

Email: henna.konsti@hanken.fi

Telephone: +358 50 431 5562



Diversity at Hanken means accepting and understanding individual differences and providing a safe and respectful studying and working environment for everyone. Diversity does not mean only tolerating different individuals but purposefully building an inclusive university that takes into account the strengths of different individuals in all its activities and is thus able to aim higher.

Diversity consists of a spectrum of different demographic, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds and ways of being. In practice, we encourage everyone to respect qualities different from our own ones, and recognise and unravel the harmful structures that hinder individuals to progress in their work and studies. Our teachers are encouraged to identify diversity issues in teaching and learning.

There are about 40nationalities among Hanken’s employees, and we welcome each year exchange students from over 30 countries to Hanken. We work constantly to support our employees and students coming to Finland from other cultures to settle down and find their place at Hanken and in the Finnish society.

Via Hanken International Talent Initiative Hanken aims to support international students' integration into Finnish working life and society.


In today’s society, accessibility means several different things. We talk about accessible technologies and tools, physical environments, and accessible design. At Hanken, accessibility means both access to physical environments and access to technologies and tools.

Hanken’s website www.hanken.fi is covered by the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive. Hanken aims to fulfil the requirements of the directive both on its own platforms, and by working with subcontractors who comply with the directive. You can read about Hanken’s accessibility statement here.

Hanken operates in four locations in Finland:

Helsinki Arkadiankatu 22 (main building) accessible, except the C wing
  Arkadiankatu 28 accessible
  Arkadiankatu 7 (Economicum) accessible
Vaasa Kirjastonkatu 16 accessible


Hanken janitors are happy to answer questions about accessibility in our premises.