The yearly homecoming day "Hankendagen" gathers hundreds of alumni back to Hanken!

Information about the latest Hankendagen can be found at hanken.fi/hankendagen

Hankendagen 2023

11.5.2023 Hankendagen was held as a hybrid event with the theme “Staying ahead of the game”. This year’s programme covered topics related to innovation, strategic thinking, leadership, gamification and much more within the continuously changing business environment.

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Hankendagen 2022

12.5.2022 Hankendagen was held for the first time as a hybrid event, with an audience of around 70 participants on site in Vasa. In addition, around 120 persons followed the event online. Joel Sunabacka has appointed as Alumnus of the Year

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Hankendagen 2021

8.10.2021 Hankendagen was held online with a record amount of registrations, with over 750 participants registered. Heidi Schauman was appointed Alumna of the Year.

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Hankendagen 2020

2 October 2020 This year, Hankendagen was held online for the first time with almost 400 participants in the audience. The event was broadcasted from Vasa where the celebration of Hanken Vasa’s 40th anniversary was highlighted throughout the event. Roger Holm was appointed Alumnus of the Year.

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Hankendagen 2019

On 20 September 2019 around 190 alumni gathered at Hanken for Hankendagen.

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The event honored Hanken's 110th anniversary festivities with the theme of creativity. During the event Christoph Vitzthum was appointed Alumnus of the Year. Hankendagen  wrapped up with a celebratory dinner at restaurant Pörssi including entertainment from the band Spruce.

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Hankendagen 2018

On 12 October 2018 Hankendagen was arranged in Vaasa with key note speeches from Thomas Ek, Roger Holm and Linus Nyman. Mikael Still was appointed Alumnus of the Year. Hankendagen ended with dinner at Strampen and after party at Cella Nova.

Rektor Karen Spens håller tal till Årets alumn Mikael Still på Hankendagen 2018
Sören Kock, Roger Holm, Karen Spens, Thomas Ek, Linus Nyman