Inspiring Individuals at Hanken Business Lab

This interview series will be a continuous concept that will focus on bringing forth the rich diversity of interesting people that are visiting or have a connection to Hanken or the Business Lab.


Jan Vapaavuori

First in line is none other than the mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori, who received the Honorary Doctorate recognition of a successful and long-lasting career in business and society.


Jannica Fagerholm

As of 2019, Jannica is the new Chairman of the Board at Hanken which gives her a unique perspective on entrepreneurial leadership in today's society. Not only was it interesting to hear her take on the capabilities of a good leader today, but also her thoughts on how students can combine analytical skills with creativity in order to stay competitive in tomorrow's job market.


Kalle Löövi

Kalle Löövi, the director of international operations at the Red Cross, gives us his thoughts on the importance of entrepreneurial thinking and leadership within the field of humanitarian logistics.


Ilkka Brotherus

By being the main owner of Sinituote since 1988 and functioning as the CEO until the fall of 2018, Ilkka has been able to develop an understanding of what it means to be a "good" leader. In the interview, Ilkka discusses his relationship with Hanken as well as his thoughts on entrepreneurship and leadership based on his own experiences.