The Application Process

The application process - step by step

Pre-Application Round

Until November/December


Application Round

November/December - January

  • Make sure your research topic is covered by Hanken
  • Prepare (in PDF) and upload all your application documents
  • Take all tests (language and/or GMAT/GRE) before the end of the application deadline


Assessments and Final Decision

February - March 

  • The Admissions team assesses all applications to establish general eligibility
  • Eligible applicants are evaluated on their academic eligibility by the major in question
  • The Admissions Committee presents a list of suggested candidates to be admitted
  • The Rector makes the final admissions decision


Post-Application Round

March on-wards

  • All applicants will receive an email stating the outcome of their application from the Admissions team
  • Admitted candidates will receive instructions on how to accept the offer
  • Information for newly admitted doctoral students can be found here
  • All applicants have the right to lodge an appeal against the admissions decision