Transferring Studies Completed in Finland

Information about how to transfer studies completed in Finland.

If you wish to transfer courses from a Finnish institution of higher education, you need to submit an application in Sisu. Transferred courses are usually transferred with the same number of credits and same (equivalent) grade as the original course. Please note that transferring credits is always done on a case-by-case basis.

Please attach the following to your application:

  • an official transcript of records from the University/University of Applied Sciences where the course you want to transfer is visible/link to My studyinfo
  • a copy of the course description (can be copied from the other institution's homepage)

Depending on the studies you wish to transfer, there are different aspects you need to consider when applying for transfer of credits: 

If you have completed a course elsewhere which you consider equivalent to a specific course offered at Hanken, you should apply for substitution of the Hanken course. Substitution applications are processed by the subject responsible for the Hanken course, and if the subject deems the course suitable, the credits will be transferred and the course will be registered with the course name, code and number of credits that the course has at Hanken, and the grade you received at the institution of higher education where you completed the course. Please note that we do not keep a list of suitable courses for substitution, nor do we comment on whether a course is suitable for substitution or not - if you want to substitute a course, you need to apply for substitution via Sisu.

If the course you have taken at another university is not equivalent to a course at Hanken but within a subject taught at Hanken, you can if needed apply to have the transferred credits counted within the subject in your study plan. In this case, you need to apply for inclusion of the course in Sisu. When your inclusion application has been accepted, you can contact the head of subject for the relevant subject to ask for permission to include the course in e.g. your minor or major subject. In order to make the necessary changes in Sisu, you need to place the course under the relevant subject in your study plan and apply for approval of deviating content in the study plan.

If the course you have taken at another university or university of applied sciences is not equivalent to any course at Hanken, nor does it fit within any subject taught at Hanken, you can apply for inclusion and place the course among your free electives. Example: Chinese language, Psychology or Health Sciences. You can also transfer a whole minor, if you have completed at least 25 cr within a study module or a single subject at another higher education institution in Finland.