SRC Logistics Review and Analysis

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The outcome of the project will be a review and analysis report and recommendations that help the Swedish Red Cross to define the role of logistics within the organization.

About the project:

This logistics review and analysis will focus on three objectives. First, the review of the current processes (ie. procurement, warehousing, inventory management, and transportation), roles (at both national and international level), and structure of the Swedish Red Cross logistics. Second, the analysis of the needs to attain the expected logistical readiness, support, and presence in both domestic and international operations. And finally, the identification and evaluation of opportunities to integrate environmental aspects to the emergency supply chain, as well as cost reduction, process streamlining, and timeliness.

Date: October 2023 - November 2023

Funded by: Swedish Red Cross

Countries: Sweden

Key partners: Swedish Red Cross

Project team at the HUMLOG Institute: Diego Vega (PI), Amin Maghsoudi, Elvira Kaneberg, Qifeng Yan and Gyöngyi Kovács