Composite Thesis

Here you can find instructions for the composite thesis.

The new instructions for writing a composite thesis (updated according to the Research Council decisions on 8 May 2019):

For co-authored articles/book chapters/essays, it is recommended to use this form as you work on your paper. When you submit your thesis for review, you need to attach a signed copy of this (or a similar document).


word file


The old instructions for writing a composite thesis (Originally given by the Academic Council in 2014.


Composite Thesis for the Degree of Licentiate in Economics

The same directives as for the doctoral thesis apply to the composite licentiate thesis in economics (for directives for the doctoral thesis follow this link), with the major difference being that the number of articles included must be equivalent to at least two individually authored articles, at least one of which must have been published, accepted for publication or fulfill the requirements for publication in a refereed scientific journal. This article must be individually authored by the student.