Internship grant

Students at Hanken can apply for a grant for an internship abroad or in Finland (only for non-Finnish students). Please read the requirements to receive an internship grant carefully.

On this page you can find all the info you need regarding the application of an internship grant.

Apply for a grant in the Mobility Online portal within the application period. Choose the tab labeled Internship Grant Application. Then proceed to apply for a internship grant from either category 1, 2 or 3. You may only apply through one category per round and you cannot change category later so please check the categories below.

The categories:

1. Member states of the EU, EES/EFTA- countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and Macedonia and Turkey as well as Erasmus collaboration country UK. 
2. Other countries abroad
3. Finland (restricted to non-Finnish citizens studying in one of the masters programs in English)

You can apply for an internship grant twice a year. The first application round is at the same time as the application for exchange study spots. The application rounds are the following:

First application round: 13 December 2023 and will be open until 31 January 2024 
The second application round: 1 March 2024 - 15 March 2024

During one application round you can apply only for one grant, either an internship grant or for exchange studies. Please note that you can only receive one grant for either an internship or exchange during each study level.

If you qualify for a grant, you will receive a promise of a grant and will need to inform us of your internship position the latest on 15 April 2024. Please keep the following in mind:

  • You do not need to have an internship position agreed upon when applying. 
  • The internship have to take place within May-August for you to be able to get a grant (the minimum required stay has to be during this time)
  • When you apply for an grant for an internship on bachelors level of your studies it must constitute your mandatory term abroad.
  • When you apply for a grant you accept Hanken's terms and conditions for awarding internship grant: 

Before your grant can be paid to you, you have to inform Career Services about your internship position through the Mobility Online portal. This should be done by 15 April 2024. In the below PDF-file you can find careful instructions on what you should do before, during and after your internship. 


The grant will be paid in one go after you have submitted all necessary documents and they have been processed. Keep in mind that you have to upload the Learning Agreement the latest by 15 April 2023. Please note that the processing is done manually at Career Services and it might take up to two weeks to process a document. After you have uploaded the Grant Agreement you will have the grant paid to you the latest within 30 days. During the summer months the processing time can be up to 5 weeks because no documents will be processed during July.

The monthly grant for internship is currently 690EUR/month for internships that start before 1.6.2023, depending on the country you go to. For some countries the grant is 640EUR/month (check which countries in the file About the grant amount below). In addition to the monthly grant, a travelling grant of a maximum of 408EUR may be added to the total grant sum of Bachelor students completing their internship abroad as the total sum is always rounded up to 2200EUR. 


Should I apply separately for an Erasmus grant?

No you do not need to. If you do your internship abroad and within the EU you will automatically obtain the Erasmus+ grant from Hanken without having to apply for it separately.

The European Union offers internship grants to students at such universities that have gained a so called "Erasmus University Charter". That means that Hanken annually obtains funds for students that do internships in another European country.

For more information about Erasmus+ please check the European Commission’s web site.

Each Erasmus+ student will be given an Erasmus+ Student Charter by their sending university after their selection. You will get it in the same email as your Grant Agreement. The Student Charter highlights the rights and obligations of students participating in Erasmus+. It informs Erasmus+ students about what they are entitled to and what is expected of them during their secondment for a traineeship.

In particular, the Erasmus+ Student Charter outlines the basic entitlements of the Erasmus+ students, such as full recognition of traineeship abroad. The Charter also specifies the main obligations of the Erasmus+ students, providing them with a concise idea of their duties with regard to both their sending and receiving enterprise. You can also find the Erasmus+ Student Charter below:


For you to be eligible to apply for a grant, you need to meet the following requirements

  • You are enrolled at Hanken for full-time degree studies
  • Your study right extends throughout the duration of the internship
  • You are registered as present throughout the duration of the internship
  • You have not received a grant from Hanken (internship or exchange studies) at the same study level (Bachelor or Master)
  • You who study on Bachelor level, have not completed the course Internship Abroad on Bachelor Level
  • You who study on Bachelor level meet the same application requirements as for exchange studies Opens in new window (except for the language requirements) by the end of the first application period. Bachelor’s students on their first year (after 1 present semester) who have completed 30 credits of the obligatory courses by 31 December on their first year do not need to follow these pre-requirements.
  • You who study on Master’s level, have not already completed 5ECTS, 8 ECTS or 10 ECTS for advanced internship
  • You who have completed a Bachelor Degree at Hanken and are continuing with your graduate studies, must have graduated before the application deadline in order to be eligible to apply for a grant for advanced internship

Your internship position must

  • Be abroad*
  • Take place within May-August
  • You who study on Master’s level can only receive an internship grant for an internship that takes place within May to August between your first and second year at Hanken.
  • Be done in one take, full-time and with only one employer
  • Be accepted in your degree by the internship supervisor at your department either as the course Internship Abroad on Bachelor Level or as Advanced Internship on Master level by signing the Learning Agreement
  • Be a minimum of 90 days long on the Bachelor's level and a minimum of 60 days long on the Master's level.

*Not required of internships by non-Finnish students 

Students with special needs or disabilities that go for an internship to an EU country can apply for an additional grant amount.

If you would like to apply for this additional grant, please contact the International coordinator at Hanken ( for more information.

The Erasmus+ programme for the period 2021–2027 places special emphasis on inclusion, digitalisation, environmental friendliness and participation in society. One way of promoting environmentally responsible internationalisation is to decrease the carbon footprint of periods abroad by favouring environmentally friendly modes of travel. The programme will also increase the environmental awareness of participants and organisations and their commitment to sustainable development.

From the autumn semester 2022 onwards, which means from the summer 2023 onwards for interns, students receiving an Erasmus+ grant can apply for a Green Travel top-up if they use environmentally friendly, sustainable means of transport for their trip to and from their host country. Green travel is defined as travel that uses low-emission means of transport such as bus, rail, or carpooling. Environmentally friendly mobilities are supported with a one-time top-up of 50 euro and up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover for travel days. The top-up travel support is paid after the exchange once the student has submitted an application and a receipt or similar evidence confirming the travel arrangements. Please note that the main part of the travel or at least one direction of the round trip has been made using low-emissions means of transport.

You can read more about the Green Erasmus project here: Opens in new window