Study Modules

Students studying together in the library
Complete courses within our study modules at Hanken. After completing a module, you have the possibility to be adopted as a Master's Student.

Study Modules consist of several different courses. The main target group is present student from other universities.

Hanken's study modules can e.g. be used as a minor within your degree at your home institution, or you can complete them in order to be accepted as a degree student at Hanken. General information about the study modules can be found here.

Once you are adopted to complete the study module, you can choose from a wide selection of courses in SCM and SR that Hanken offers on Master's level. You can complete a maximum amount of 45 ECTS per academic year.

A cross-disciplinary module/minor in Corporate Responsibility offered by Hanken can be completed in despite of your major. It can also be registered, similar to a minor subject, as a study module on your diploma.