German as a minor

Here you will find information about the minor "Intercultural Business Communication in German".


Study German as a minor!

Choose "Intercultural Business Communication in German" as a minor! The minor consists of courses that give you the foundations for good communication in German in your professional life. The minor comprises 25 credits and can be taken at both Bachelor's and Master's levels.

All courses in the course offerings below can be included in the minor "Intercultural Business Communication in German".

The courses can also be taken separately without having to complete a minor.


Studies in Intercultural Business Communication in German as a minor

For Hanken Students

The minor in German (25 ECTS) can include:

  • Courses at Hanken (see course offerings below)
  • Courses in German at the Aalto University Language Centre or the University of Vaasa Language Centre Linginno
  • German language courses taken at a university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (e.g. with a scholarship from the Elisabeth Schuster Scholarship Fund)
  • Exchange studies in German completed in Germany, Austria or Switzerland


For non-degree students

Studying Intercultural Business Communication in German as a minor at Hanken is only offered to degree students at Hanken. However, non-degree students can still apply for the right to take individual German courses that are offered.

Courses offered in Intercultural Business Communication in German 

All courses from the course offerings below can be included in the minor "Intercultural Business Communication in German". The module consists of 25 ECTS.


Courses offered for the minor Intercultural Business Communication in German:

5527-A(-V)  – German I A (Helsinki – Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

5527-A-2-E – German I A Online (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5527-B(-V) – German I B (Helsinki – Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

5527-B-2-E – German I B Online (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5528-A(-V) – German II A Karriere D (Helsinki – Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

5528-B(-V) – German II B Karriere D (Helsinki – Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

5546(-V) – German III A: German for Economists (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5547(-V) – German III B: German for Economists (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5551-E – German IV-1: Business Communication (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5552-E – German IV-2 Oral Communication: Presenting - Reciting - Convincing (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5553-E – German V-1: Intercultural Business Communication (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5554-E – German V-2: Business texts - Terminology and Structures (Helsinki – Vaasa)  (4 ECTS)

5555-E – German VI: Business Communication (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5557-E – German VI: Current Texts - Economy and society (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5550-E – Intercultural Online Simulation (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5541(-V) – Each one teach one - German (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5599(-V) – Exchange Studies in German (Helsinki – Vaasa) (4-8 ECTS)



Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact the German teachers listed below. For further information about the minor "Intercultural Business Communication in German", please contact the subject coordinator of German, Mia Raitaniemi.



Margit Breckle – Lecturer 

Ann-Britt Björkholm – Teacher (hourly-paid)

Stefan Kuzay – Lecturer 

Mia Raitaniemi – Lecturer, subject coordinator of German