ServicePulse (Palvelupulssi)

Successful customer experiences are essential for both customer satisfaction and the wellbeing of service personnel.

In practice, many companies give promises that are too difficult to keep, which in many cases leads to service personnel underperforming in their tasks. This can easily lead to a downward spiral, and an emotional ‘poison’, which spreads from negative service interactions towards the rest of the company. In essence, this means that when customer-facing personnel cannot keep company promises, both customer satisfaction and personnel wellbeing are affected negatively. One method for avoiding these kinds of poisonous service encounters is developing co-active service leadership, where the factors affecting the employees’ motivation are taken into account.

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The ServicePulse project pilots a co-active service leadership tool (myötävaikutteisen palvelujohtamisen työväline), which measures the motivation of personnel to keep company promises. ServicePulse represents the discourses of the personnel, and is based on a humanistic logic of leadership. Two large Finnish companies and one SME have participated in this project. Both quantitative and qualitative methods have been used, the former as a survey, and the latter as dialogical workshops with both employees and management. The aim of the project is to assess the applicability of co-active service leadership, and to gather experiences from using the tool.


Helena Liewendahl

Helena Liewendahl, PhD (helena.liewendahl(at)

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