English as a minor

On this page you can read more about the possibility to study English Business Communication as a minor at Hanken.


Study English Business Communication as a minor!

You can take English Business Communication as a minor at Hanken. The minor consists of 25 credits, and you can select them among the courses offered at Hanken, or combine Hanken courses with English courses completed elsewhere. Helsinki and Vaasa offer somewhat different course pools for the minor. Please study this page for details! Also, please note that English courses can be taken separately without an obligation to complete the minor.


Studies in English Business Communication as a minor

For Hanken students

The minor in English Business Communication is the same whether you complete it during your Bachelor or Master’s studies. This entails that you can begin pursuing the minor during the Bachelor years, and complete it during your Master’s years.

The course pool for the minor is different between Helsinki and Vaasa. In both locations, you can include all the courses offered in the respective English programmes and any English courses completed at other institutions of higher ed that have not been used for completion of a degree. In addition to this, in Vaasa you can select courses from a joint course pool Hanken has created with Vaasa university. Please contact the local teachers to discuss the options for the minor, you can find contact details below! 


For non-degree students

Unfortunately, the minor in English Business Communication is only offered to Hanken degree students.


Courses offered in English Business Communication

Below you will find information about the courses offered if you choose English Business Communication as a minor. Please note that Helsinki and Vaasa offer somewhat different course pools for the mxinor. For full course descriptions, see the English main page.


English courses offered in Helsinki:

5167 Business Communication (Helsinki) (6 ECTS)

5101-E Business Terminology (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5138 Each one teach one - English (Helsinki) (2 ECTS)

5148 Presentation skills (Helsinki) (2 ECTS)

5158 Team Communication Skills (Helsinki) (6 ECTS)

5160 Academic Writing (Helsinki) (5 ECTS)

5162 Communication Clinic (Helsinki) (2 ECTS)

5164 The Power of Language and Memory in Business Interactions (Helsinki) (3 ECTS)

5165 Compassionate Communication in Organizations (Helsinki) (3 ECTS)

5166 Communication, Learning and Cognition: An Alliance for Professional Success (Helsinki) (3 ECTS)

5168 Cultural Sustainability and Communication (Helsinki) (4 ECTS)

5169-E Working Life Skills for Experts and Team Leaders (Helsinki – Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

51003 Academic Writing: Apprentice Level (Helsinki) (2 ECTS)

51004 Mastering Academic Writing (Helsinki) (3 ECTS)




English courses offered in Vaasa:

51001-V Business Communication: Oral (Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

51002-V Business Communication: Written (Vaasa) (3 ECTS)

5138-V Each one teach one - English (Vaasa) (2 ECTS)

5139-V Business Meetings and Negotiations (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5140-V Business Presentations (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5143-V Business Reports and Proposals (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5150-V Intercultural Business Communication: Asia, the Arab world and Africa (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5151-V Intercultural Business Communication: Europe and the Americas (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5159-V British Business Culture (Vaasa) (4 ECTS)

5160-V Academic Writing (Vaasa) (5 ECTS)



Contact information

For Business Communication in English as a minor in Helsinki, please contact Martti Mäkinen. For Business Communication in English as a minor in Vaasa, please be in contact with Dino Cascarino.


Martti Mäkinen – University Lecturer

Dino Cascarino – Lecturer