PhD Programme in Finance

The PhD programme in Finance

The PhD programme in Finance at Hanken prepares students for both academic careers and analytical/managing positions within the finance community. The programme provides you with tools to quantitatively analyse the most challenging research questions.

Our PhD programme is affiliated with the Graduate School of Finance, and our students take their core finance courses together with students from other GSF schools. The programme is offered in both Helsinki and Vaasa. Other coursework typically consists courses in finance, statistics and econometrics, and economics, taken at Hanken. The required coursework (60 studypoints) takes approximately one year to complete, after which, the students write a doctoral dissertation. Normally, students graduate with a PhD after 4-5 years of full time studies.

Financial support for studies is provided, subject to satisfactory performance, and no tuition is charged.

Details about courses, how to apply, financial support, prerequisites and more is found on the pages describing the Hanken PhD Programme.

Seminars and workshops

Together with Aalto University and GSF, our department offers a weekly seminar series with high level international speakers. The seminar series provide an opportunity for our students to acquaint themselves with the latest research at the top level, and also with high caliber researchers. Our PhD students are also encouraged and financially supported to participate and present their work in international conferences.


Finance at Hanken in Helsinki organizes, together with Aalto Business School, the Joint Finance Reasearch Seminar (JFRS) which meets on Mondays eihter at Hanken (Spring) or the Aalto Business School (Fall). For the current and past seminar programmes, see the Seminar homepage.


Research seminars are organized as workshops.