Research Funding

These webpages contain information about research funding for researchers at Hanken.

The information on these pages is not publicly available. We recommend that you always log in to access all information.

Contact the Research Liaison Office ( for help and questions with funding applications!

Funding sources

You can search for funding opportunities in many channels:

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Before you apply

Important: Hanken’s commitment to applications for external funding

An application for external funding always requires Hanken’s commitment if granted funds are to be administered by Hanken. Projects and research activities at Hanken that are funded by external funding organisations are categorised as follows:

  • Projects and activities where granted funding is administered by Hanken (granted funding is paid to Hanken’s account)
  • Projects and activities where granted funding is paid to the applicant’s private account

If funding is to be administered by Hanken, always contact the Research Liaison Office ( well in advance before submitting an application!

Project funding

If you plan to apply for funding for a major research project, you should contact the Research Liaison Office at least two months before the application is to be submitted. The earlier we know about your plans to submit an application, the better support and help we can offer. We are happy to help you with your application!

This guide provides an overview of questions you need to consider in externally funded research projects:

For help with planning research projects, contact Research Liaison Officers Malin Wikstedt or Jaana Kokkonen.

When you start planning a budget for a research project, contact project controller Jill Rehnman for information and instructions.

Commissioned research projects

Projects that include an agreement with a company or public body, offered to be performed at market value, and where it is permitted and even desirable to show a surplus, are referred to as commissioned research. The contact person for commissioned research is Hanken's lawyer Victoria Sandberg.

Doctoral students

Doctoral students can contact the Manager of Hanken PhD programme Anu Helkkula for support in applying for funding for their studies.

Funding for conferences and research visits

Funding applications for organising conferences require Hanken's commitment only if the amount applied for is over 5,000 euros.

The departments can apply for funding to invite visiting researchers from the Hanken Foundation.

Researcher visits can also be funded through Hanken's agreement with Fulbright.

When you are granted funding

If your application is granted funding and your project is to be administered by Hanken, contact project controller Jill Rehnman.

Rewards for external research funding

Hanken has an incentive scheme for rewarding applications for external funding. More information about this can be found here.