Research Funding

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These webpages contain information about research funding for researchers at Hanken.

Hanken's research services support Hanken's researchers with research funding and project applications. We provide information about funding opportunities, identify suitable research funders, and offer support throughout the application process. 

The goal is to support all Hanken researchers in creating knowledge of high international quality, developing new valuable research and innovation partnerships and strengthening the societal impact of research.


If you are interested in planning new research projects, please contact our research services at or one of us directly

The research services coordinate all project applications where granted funds are to be administered by Hanken. We recommend that you inform us regarding any larger (consortium / international) application two months prior to deadline. For other applications the recommendation is one month. 

The information on the below pages is not publicly available. We recommend that you always log in to access all information.


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Upcoming funding calls

Do you need funding for your research? Upcoming calls are published in the Research Funding blog.

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National funders

The most important national research funders and Finnish foundations are listed here.

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International funders

Familiarize yourself with international sources for research funding. Here you can find information about e.g. ERC and Horizon Europe.

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The Hanken Foundation

The Foundation awards grants to Hanken faculty, researchers, and students.

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