Health Insurance

Students who arrive in Finland need to ensure that they have health insurance with full coverage for the whole study time of their degree in case of any illness or accident.

Do I need an international health Insurance?

Citizens of a country located outside EU

  • If you are a citizen of a third country, meaning not a citizen of an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland, you need to hold a health insurance that the Finnish Immigration Services accept.

  • Exception: For citizens of the UK it is sufficient to have UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)  more info below. 


Citizens of an EU/EEA country or the UK

  • If you have social security coverage in an EU/EEA country or in the UK, you also have the right to public health care services in Finland to the same cost as Finnish citizens. 

    • In order to ease that you recieve health care in Finland, you must bring an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or for UK citizens the Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC)

      • Note that the card does not entitle you to private health care services or e.g. medical air transport to your home country or compensation in case of lost/stolen belongings. 

      • As a degree student holding a EHIC card or GHIC card, you also do not need to pay the otherwise mandatory student health care fee to the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) of Finland.

Citizens of another Nordic country

  • If you have social coverage in another Nordic country, you also have the right to public health care services in Finland to the same cost as Finnish citizens.

    • Bring your official ID card when you visit public health care services in Finland.


All students is also recommended to buy a travel insurance already in their home country to protect themselves in case of lost items or breakage of belongings and theft.


What kind of health insurance do I need as a citizen from a country located outside the EU for my residence permit application?

  • If your studies in Finland last less than 2 years, the insurance must cover up to 120 000 euros of medical costs.
  • If your studies in Finland last at least 2 years, the insurance must cover up to 40 000 euros of medical costs. 
    • A student who studies for at least 2 years gain the right to a municipality of residence in Finland and has therefore the right to public health care, which decrease the requirement for the insurance.
  • The insurance excess cannot be more than 300 euros.

Choosing the insurance company

  • The Finnish Immigration Services in Finland recommend that you choose a large international insurance company – it shortens the processing time of your residence permit application and ensures that everything works smoothly in case you need to retain the insurance in case of illness. 
  • You will find a list of the insurance companies which the Finnish Immigration Services recommend at the Immigration Services homepage Opens in new window .


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