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Hanken Svenska handelshögskolanilla on yli 110 vuoden kokemus koulutuksesta ja tutkimuksesta kauppatieteiden alalta. Hankenille on myönnetty tärkeimmät kolme kansainvälistä, arvostettua laatuakkreditointia, EQUIS, AACSB ja AMBA, jotka on saavuttanut vain yksi prosentti koko maailman kauppakorkeakouluista. Olemme myös yksi Suomen kansainvälisimmistä yliopistoista.
Sustainable Strategies
Consumers' choices will have a strong impact on the future development in society. It is, however, still too early to say which of the changes in behavior caused by the corona pandemic will persist. This was stated by the panelists in the discussion "Sustainable Strategies in Turbulent Times - Key Factors for Renewal", which was broadcasted online from Hanken on 11 November.
Hanken i Vasa
Political discussions about whether to merge Hanken in Vaasa with Åbo Akademi University or with the University of Vaasa have been ongoing ever since Hanken in Vaasa was established in 1980. Today Sören Kock, dean and rector’s representative in Vaasa, sees the possibility of Hanken in Vaasa remaining as Hanken in a positive light. “I find it fascinating that a Triple-Crown accredited university manages to operate in two locations,” Kock remarks.
HUMLOG Challenge vanns av Team Los Andes
A group of students, who presented a solution to how the indigenous community Wayuu in South America could secure access to safe water for hand washing and hygiene, have won the science competition organised by the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken School of Economics.
Clothes hanging on a rail
Newly introduced EU level regulation will obligate EU member states to implement a separate collection of textile waste by 2025.