Carlos Diaz Ruiz at the Science Carnival in Vaasa
Why should we care if some groups want to believe the earth is flat? According to Assistant Professor Carlos Diaz Ruiz at Hanken School of Economics, in a free society, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, even if they are wrong. The problem is not whether the belief is incorrect, but how this group weaponizes beliefs into a conflict meant to undermine democratic governance.
Ulf Kristersson
"I have a tradition of visiting business schools in various places. The combination of societal interest, entrepreneurship, and economics in business schools holds much of the great future. This was emphasised by Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson during his visit to Hanken School of Economics on Monday, November 27.
Gamla kläder på hög
A new EU-directive requires that all end-of-life textiles, meaning clothes that can’t be used any more, are being collected separately, sorted and then reused or recycled. According to Associate Professor Anna Aminoff textile recycling processes, including separate collection and sorting, are expensive and complicated, and puts a lot of responsibility on the consumers – but things are hopefully slowly getting better.
Jorden sett från rymden
The space industry is on the rise worldwide, and Hanken School of Economics is aiming to promote Finland's aerospace economy. A new Nordic project intends to increase understanding of the versatile opportunities satellite data offer.