After the Exchange

How to do the reporting of your exchange studies

We hope that you have enjoyed your semester abroad! In order to transfer your courses to Hanken, please complete the reporting of the exchange studies in Hanken's Mobility Online. You can start the reporting already before the end of your exchange semester.

The Learning Agreement, course descriptions and Confirmation of Stay should be handed in no later than one week after the end of your exchange semester. The exchange reporting should be completed latest by

  • February 28, if you were on exchange during the fall semester
  • June 10, if you were on exchange during the spring semester and the semester ends in May
  • July 31 if the semester ends later in the summer. Please note that there is generally no signing of exchange documents (e.g. your Learning Agreement) in July due to summer holidays. 

If the exchange studies are the last part of your degree it is extremely important that you apply for the Transfer of Credits as soon as possible. Your exchange courses do not need to be approved i Sisu for you to be able to apply for the degree certificate, but the courses need to be completed before the degree certificate application deadline. Here you can find more information on the application of degree certificate and the timetable for graduation.

1. Learning Agreement

Upload your Learning Agreement with three signatures (yours, Hanken's and the host university's) into Mobility Online, if you have not already done so. If you have made changes to your Learning Agreement during your exchange, remember to also upload the Changed Learning Agreement with signatures into Mobility Online.

For Erasmus+ students the electronic Learning Agreement needs to be signed by all three parties in order for you to proceed with the exchange reporting.

2. Confirmation of Stay (Letter of Confirmation):

Ask the International Coordinator at your host university to confirm the exact dates of your exchange semester on the Confirmation of Stay form. The dates must be from the Orientation days until the day of your last exam, travel days should not be included. The Confirmation of Stay form will be sent to you automatically per e-mail from Mobility Online (as an attachment to the e-mail "Instructions on exchange reporting") close to the end of your exchange semester. Upload the form into Mobility Online. 

3. Hanken Exchange Report

Fill in the exchange report in Mobility Online. Besides giving practical information regarding your exchange studies you will also answer the following questions:

1. Reflect upon how the intercultural experiences (positive and/or negative) during your exchange semester have helped you develop your self-understanding and respect for differences. Give examples and discuss your role in the context.

2. Reflect upon how you could make use of your intercultural experiences in your studies at Hanken and at future workplaces. Give examples.

Please note that the answering time of the report is limited to 120 min. In order to avoid losing your progress, reply to the questions in a Word document and then copy-paste your answers into Mobility Online. It is also possible to save the report and complete it at a later time.

Please reply carefully to the questions. The answers to these two questions will not be made public, but they will be used for Hanken's Assurance of Learning process. The process is based on Hanken's mission and the learning goals of the exchange programme. To see how you have achieved the learning goals your report will be analysed according to the assessment criteria. The analysis of the reports will be used as support in developing the student's learning outcome.

4. Transfer of Credits

When you have completed all your exchange courses you should apply for transfer of credits in Sisu. You can apply for the transfer of credits as soon as you have received the results for the courses you have conducted abroad. You do not have to wait for the official Transcript of Records from the host university, as you do not need to include the transcript when applying for the inclusion of the exchange courses. Remember to create a separate application for each course and upload the course description for each of the courses. Copy the official course descriptions from your host university's website into a document. The course descriptions should include information on the number of lectures, course literature, and the structure of the course (i.e. lectures, assignments, exams) for each course. Here you can find the instructions for applying for transfer of credits in Sisu. 

If you have created study drafts for your exchange courses before the exchange the inclusion application is done through the study drafts and the courses will then after approval automatically be included in your study plan. If you have not created study drafts for your exchange courses you will have to place the courses in your study plan after the inclusion applications have been approved. 

The applications for transfer of credits will be approved once you have completed the exchange reporting in Mobility Online and we have received the official transcript from your host university. Please be aware that it can take weeks before we receive the official transcript from your host university. At some of our partner universities the exchange students need to apply for an official transcript of records in order for the host university to send it to Hanken. If your host university is using an electronically verified transcript of records they might ask the exchange students to download and send the document to Hanken themselves. Therefore it is important that you carefully read the instructions you receive from your host university!

5. Erasmus+ participant survey

All Erasmus students are required to fill in a Erasmus+ participant survey in the European Commission's online system. You will automatically receive a link to the system at the end of your exchange semester. As your exchange has been partly funded by the European Commission, it is mandatory to fill in the report.

6. Online Linguistic Support (OLS) language test (optional)

Erasmus students can re-take the OLS language test after the exchange to test how your language competence has improved. You will not automatically receive an invitation to the language test after your exchange. You can log in to the OLS platform (with the same password you defined the first time you logged in) and re-take the language test.