Funding for your doctoral research studies

Information on funding doctoral studies

Depending on what year you have been admitted to Hanken the funding you get from Hanken is different. On this page you will find information about how Hanken supports the doctoral researchers financially during their studies. The page is categorized according to the year of the different funding decisions and information about the Hanken Research Funding team.

Doctoral researcher that has been admitted to the national PhD Pilot 2024 has their own rules. 

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During the first study year 100% funding from Hanken in the form of salary. During the Academic year 2-4, Hanken finances 50% salary and supports the doctoral researcher in finding external research funding. The goal is that together with external research funding, the doctoral researcher has full salary during all four years of study. By exception, the doctoral researcher can receive 10% funding for Academic year 5. 

In order to receive funding for years 2-4, it is required that the doctoral researcher progresses in their studies according to their study plan. The study plan is checked by the doctoral researcher's supervisor.

The employment contract may be interrupted by Hanken due to parental leave or military service.

The work is full-time. The terms of employment are based on the general collective agreement for universities, other legislation and Hanken’s internal guidelines.

The employment as a doctoral researcher (in Swedish: doktorand) will be signed for 100% for 12 months. Provided that the doctoral researcher has a good study progress during their first year, Hanken offers an employment with 56% for the upcoming 3 years (12+12+12). In years 2-4, you are supposed to apply for and receive research funding yourself so that in total you reach a 100% salary to finance your full-time doctoral studies. 

The work is full-time. The terms of employment are based on the general collective agreement for universities, other legislation and Hanken’s internal guidelines.

Does not get any financial support from Hanken but gets support to apply for external research funding from Hankens research funding team.

Hanken provides the following services in research funding for doctoral studies

  • The Research Funding Webpages and the Research Funding Blog inform about funding opportunities.
  • Hanken's research information newsletter.
  • Introduction days for new doctoral researcher's once a year .
  • Help in writing your application, please contact the Research Funding specialist, Anu Helkkula.
  • If you have questions please contact research(a) 

The working hours for doctoral researcher are the total work time (1 624 hours per year in full-time employment) in accordance with the collective agreement. For the academic year / term, a work plan will be drawn up including all the work tasks as well as the researchers’ own doctoral studies. The work plan for a doctoral researcher cannot include teaching equivalent to no more than 5 per cent of the total work time. The Head of Department will approve your work plan.

Hanken’s Human Resources unit will provide additional information concerning the employment contract and other issues relating to the employment. The easiest way to reach us is by email, addressed to

As a doctoral researcher in employment you are entitled to Hanken’s occupational health services at Terveystalo. You are convered both as 100% empolye and 50-56% employe.

You are covered by insurance during working hours as well as on your way to and from work.