Master's degree studies

When you have completed a master's degree at Hanken you will have a higher education degree in which you have gained a thorough knowledge of your major subject or programme from an academic point of view as well as relevant for your future career.

Read more about the structure and the studies in the master's degree.

Please notice that your study time as a master's student at Hanken is limited.

Your study path

You can find the courses and study plans for the master's programme and the tools you need for participating in courses on the page Courses and Study Plans.

You find important dates such as teaching and exam periods in the Academic calendar.

Practical information such as annual and course registration, exams and transfer of credits can be found in the section Study Practicalities.

At the end of your studies you will write a master's thesis and a maturity test. When you have completed all the studies required, apply for a degree certificate and graduate. After that you can celebrate at a graduation festivity with your fellow students and teachers. 

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