User IDs

Everyone must have a user ID to be able to access the network, system, computer, etc. at Hanken.

In order to use a computer, wireless network, email, library databases, etc. Everyone must have their own user ID that is personal and may not be handed over to anyone else.

The pages:

  • Start using your user ID tells you how to sign your user agreement and receive your user ID
  • To use your User ID provides a brief summary of IT services
  • Rights to a User ID and The validity of User ID give more information regarding:
    • who can get a user ID
    • who is responsible that IDs are requested
    • and how long user IDs are valid
  • The page Shibboleth and Haka lists the systems that use shibboleth login internally within Hanken or via the HAKA federation to other external systems.
    This page also lists the different types of shibboleth roles users can have.
  • Administration of users describes user management according to the HAKA federation's request.

A new process description is under construction and will be released in the autumn of 2023.