During the Exchange

On this page you'll find information on how to represent Hanken during your exchange. We have also collected information on what you should do in case you get sick during your exchange or in case of an emergency.

During your time abroad it is likely that you’ll be asked to represent Hanken in different settings – either during an exchange fair at your host university, during a course or just in general to people you meet. We expect you to participate in an exchange fair and represent Hanken during your stay abroad.

In order for Hanken to be able to send students abroad through our exchange agreements we also need to receive exchange students from our partner universities. There has to be an interest among students around the world to come to Hanken. Here is where you play an important role! Remember that you are an ambassador for Hanken throughout your exchange period. Your fellow students at your host university are all potential future exchange students. Participate and answer the students' questions.

Hanken sends promotional material to the fairs (brochures, flyers, posters, merchandise) so you will not have to bring material with you. Below you'll find electronic material about Hanken and Finland, e.g. a general PPT-presentation about Hanken, Hanken’s Facet Sheet and other useful links.

This is Hanken School of Economics

You can find useful links about Hanken here:

Hanken's Exchange Fact Sheet and the Incoming Exchange webpages

Hanken in a Nutshell-presentation

Pictures from Hanken on Flickr

You can find useful links on Finland, Helsinki and Vaasa here:

Study in Finland

Visit Finland

This is Finland



Should you become severely ill or encounter a personal crisis during your exchange semester you should:

In an emergency situation, contact the rescue authorities (the Police, the fire service, ambulance) in your host country. In an emergency, the local authorities are responsible also for foreign nationals staying in the country.

If you need consular assistance, contact the Finnish mission in the country where you are staying or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki. The Ministry's 24/7 service is open round the clock, every day of the year: +358 9 1605 5555.

If you are not a Finnish citizen you should check the contact information for the embassy of your home country at your destination.

If you find yourself in a crisis situation (e.g. natural disaster, major accidents or epidemics) abroad you should:

  • Follow the directions of the local authorities
  • Follow the information/recommendations from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs/ authorities from your home country
  • Contact your family
  • Respond to Hanken’s contact enquiry (e-mail or SMS)