Hanken's organisation in a nutshell.

Hanken's organisation is divided in departments and administration and support units.

The research and education at Hanken is organised in departments that consist of one or several subjects and host one or more knowledge centres. Hanken also has a Centre for Languages and Business Communication offering courses in languages.

Each department is lead by a Head of Department and a Department Council. A department with more than one subject can, for each of the subjects, have a Head of Subject. The remit of the Department Council is to develop and evaluate the operations of the department, propose curriculum, budget and personnel plan for the department and ensure that Hanken’s quality assurance processes are being followed.

The administration and support units are organised in Offices for Studies and Admissions, University Services, and Research, International Affairs and Corporate Connections. Each office is headed by a Director and has a Steering Committee. In addition, the Rector has a team of staff supporting preparation, strategic planning, strategic cooperation as well as financial and property management.