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Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Sisu. If you can't find an answer to your question here or elsewhere on the instruction pages, please contact us at for assistance with Sisu.

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How do I get help with Sisu?

You can find instructions and videos on these pages, as well as frequently asked questions and answers on this page. If you need further support you can email

Do I have to create a study plan in Sisu even if I've done one in WebOodi earlier? 

Yes, you do. The only exception is if you are graduating from your master's studies on 16 December 2021 the latest. If you plan on studying at Hanken in spring 2022 you need to create a study plan in Sisu, since the registration for courses will be done in Sisu from period 3 onwards and this requires a study plan in Sisu.

Why is the information about my right to study incorrect in Sisu? 

Incorrect information about the study rights is caused by the data transfer. The details are continuously being updated. Your study right looking incorrect in Sisu does not affect your actual study right at Hanken. It also doesn't prevent you from using your study plan in Sisu. You can check your study right in WebOodi.

Where can I find the teaching given during the summer periods?

You can find the teaching given during the summer by using the following filter on the Search page.

Summer course filter

Alkukesä means beginning of the summer, while Loppukesä means end of the summer. The beginning of the summer contains courses during May-July, while the end of the summer contains courses in August. Please note that you need to be registered as present for the next academic year if you plan on completing courses in August.

If you plan to register for a course you found on the Search page, please remember to add the course to your study plan before registering. Otherwise your registration will not go through.

Study plans

Which curriculum period (OPS-kausi) should I select when creating my study plan?

Please select the curriculum period 2020-2023. This also applies, for technical reasons, if you started studying before 2020.

Why do I get the following error message in my study plan?

This is due to the fact that your study right might not have been transferred to Sisu yet. You don't need to do anything about this, it will be fixed automatically. The message wil also show if you have created a study plan which does not correspond to your own study right.

How do I insert courses I've completed elsewhere into my study plan?

Your completed credits which were registered in Oodi have been transferred from Sisu, please see instructions on the page Completed credits in Sisu to insert them into your study plan. If the courses haven't been registered at Hanken yet, please follow these instructions to register them in Sisu.

Why is the 9995 Global Competence: Introduction to Market Analytics course missing from my Master's study plan?

9995 is replaced by the course 9994 Global Competence: Data Analytics. You can select 9995 as an equivalence for 9994 through the substitution function in Sisu. Instructions can be found on the page Completed credits in Sisu under "Add completed credits to the study plan".

Course registration

Why can't I register for the courses in Sisu?

There are several possible reasons. Start with checking that you really have the course selected in your study plan before you enrol, otherwise your enrolment won't be accepted.

Another possible reason is the target groups that have been set for the courses in Sisu. In the example below the course is only targeted to Master's students majoring in Marketing. If you don't fulfil that criteria, this course isn't targeted to you.

Completed credits

How do I add my completed credits to my study plan?

Please see instructions and FAQ about completed credits on the page Completed credits in Sisu.