Career prospects

Your career possibilities as an accounting student

Accounting is the language of business, that is used to develop, and analyze company performance.

Accounting information can come in financial or non-financial formats. Financial statements are prepared by all companies and they are used to communicate the financial position and performance of a company. Sustainability reports are becoming more common and they are based on the data gathered from a variety of sources.

Studying Accounting as a major allows you to understand the entirety of the operating environment of a company, and a solid foundation for different career alternatives. Typical job titles for Accounting students include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Auditor, Analyst, Controller, Internal Auditor and Entrepreneur.

Successful CEO:s and particularly CFO:s of publicly listed companies typically have a solid background in Accounting. Accounting-knowledge is often a prerequisite for the development of successful and sustainable business, but also for being able to critically analyze the financial performance and sustainability of a company. Accounting studies provide you the analytical mindset and financial expertise needed for boardroom and management group work.