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Master's studies in Management and Organisation

The course offering in Management and Organisation covers a broad range of topics. Our faculty members are actively involved in teaching, and the education we offer is grounded in our research.

At the Master level, we offer three different options for students. For students in the Swedish-speaking integrated programme in Helsinki (where most of the teaching is in English) we offer two tracks for specialization: People Management and Strategy. We also have a fully English-speaking Master program on International Strategy and Sustainability. In Vaasa we offer in the Swedish-speaking integrated programme a track for specialization in Strategy. We also offer in Vaasa together with the subject Marketing a fully English-speaking Master programme in Marketing and Management.

  • 120 credits, 2 years of full-time studies
  • Language: Swedish
  • Degree: Ekonomie magisterexamen

Please note that the studies require proficiency in Swedish, although most courses are offered in English.

In the People Management specialization area in Helsinki, issues related to well-being (employee attitudes, health, stress, justice, etc.) are strongly integrated into our teaching and thoroughly discussed within our courses. Our offering includes courses on Leadership and Personnel Assessment as well as e.g., Strategic International Human Resource Management and Gender, Management and Organization. We also offer a course on Workforce Analytics. This is a data-driven approach to managing human resources. It is on the rise in companies and other organizations as it offers great potential for increasing the effectiveness of HRM by relying less on intuition and experience and more on evidence. Our courses overall draw from active collaboration with companies and other organizations, offering real life cases for our students.

In the Strategy specialization area in Helsinki, we offer a strong set of core courses that shed light on different elements of strategic management in companies and other organizations today and in the future: Strategic Thinking, Strategy Work, and Strategic Foresight. These complement each other, and together offer our students a comprehensive understanding of how strategy is done (by humans and new technologies) and how it can be developed in conditions of the contemporary global economy. Strategic questions of responsibility and sustainability are discussed increasingly in our courses, and our students are also encouraged to make use of courses focusing specifically on responsibility and sustainability. Our courses draw from active collaboration with companies and other organizations, offering real life cases for our students.

The Strategy specialization area in Vaasa offers courses that help sharpen thinking and capabilities for future business life. Core courses are Strategic Thinking, Managing Sustainable Business Development, Innovative Strategy for Emerging Business Fields, Sustainable Organising in Times of Crisis, and Strategic International Human Resource Management. New markets are shaped, new ecosystems are created focusing on sustainability, and managers in the future must identify new ways of doing business. Our courses draw from active collaboration with companies and other organizations, offering real life cases for our students.

  • 120 credits, 2 years full-time studies
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Track: International Strategy and Sustainability (Helsinki) or Marketing and Management (Vaasa)

Our Master's programme on International Strategy and Sustainability (IS&S) in Helsinki offers a unique experience in understanding how sustainability issues can and should be integrated in core strategies of contemporary organizations. This boundary-crossing programme helps students to identify and manage organizational, governance, and sustainability challenges in various economic, social, environmental, geographic, institutional, cultural and linguistic contexts. Our course offering includes courses on Strategy and Sustainability (an introduction to the program), Business and Society (zooming in on the interface between business and a range of “wicked” social and/or environmental problems), Business Ethics (providing theoretical discussions and applications of ethical theories to contemporary business issues), and Project Course in Corporate Responsibility (offering opportunities to work on a concrete sustainability project for an organization). More information about programme can found here.

The Master's programme in Marketing and Management in Vaasa (M&M) offers a combination of courses in management and marketing with a touch of strategy and creating new business opportunities . More information about the programme can be found here.