CERS - Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management is at the forefront when it comes to Service Marketing Research.

Established in 1994, the centre was created to research and share insights on services, customer relationships, and value creation, but its legacy runs back to the 1970s through the Nordic School of Thought, which is a core part of the center's legacy. The Nordic School Spirit guides our researchers to challenge and question ideas freely, avoiding restrictions from existing theories. It's not a strict doctrine or framework but encourages individual, brave, and systematic thinking in finding unique paths

CERS serves as a hub for collaboration between researchers, businesses, and the third sector. The centre is home to some of Finland's most cited business professors that focus on cutting-edge research.The focus of the research is currently on: 

the impact of digitalization on service operations, communication and innovation, the logics of business leaders and customers and value creation in today's business environments

CERS engages in impactful research and collaborates with companies through projects, workshops, and seminars. 

Additionally, the center runs a blog providing glimpses into research and the daily life of researchers to inspire new thinking. You can read the blog here.


A complete list of CERS publications can be found in HARIS Opens in new window (Hanken Research Information System). Hanken's own publications can be downloaded from the Library or DHanken.