Do You Need Help?

Helpful addresses, info about service breaks and AV.

Do you have a problem with your user-id, password, wireless network, e-mail or other basic IT stuff?

--> Then we can help:

Fastest way to get help.
The e-mail goes to the helpdesk system.

040-3521 386 Internal 386
InfoBITen in Helsingfors

Main building, first floor. Helpdesk open when the Student services is open.

During the semester: Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-13

Computer centre in Vaasa On the third floor. Weekdays during working hours.

New at Hanken?
--> go to User-Id to learn how to activate your account, and see which services are available

New Teacher?
--> Go to Teaching Labs pages!

Do you want to change Password?
--> Go to the Change Password Service!

Do you have problems with the student register WebOodi?
--> Then e-mail for system help and for help with your information, or visit the Student services in Helsinki or Study Office in Vaasa.

Do you have problems with Moodle?
--> Help with tasks in a certain course - the teacher helps. General question

Problems with a certain system or software within a course?
-->The teacher helps

Practical knowledge about the basic systems at Hanken?
--> Check-out available manuals.

How do I find available tools at Hanken?
--> Login on this website and check out the list under Tools (on the black bar, to the right).
Why do you need to log in? --> Because more tools are available then.