Do You Need Help?

Helpful addresses, info about service breaks and AV.

Do you have a problem with your user-id, password, wireless network, e-mail or other basic IT stuff?

--> Then we can help:

Fastest way to get help.
The e-mail goes to the helpdesk system.

040-3521 386 Internal 386
InfoBITen in Helsingfors

Main building, first floor. Helpdesk open when the Student services is open.

During the semester: Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-13

Computer centre in Vaasa On the third floor. Weekdays during working hours.

New at Hanken?
--> go to User-Id Opens in new window  to learn how to activate your account, and see which services are available

New Teacher?
--> Go to Teaching Labs pages!

Do you want to change Password?
--> Go to the Change Password Service! Opens in new window

Do you have problems with the student register Sisu?
--> Go to the Sisu - Study system pages for instructions for Sisu and if you need help with your information email, or visit the Student services in Helsinki or Study Office in Vaasa.

Do you have problems with Moodle?
--> Help with tasks in a certain course - the teacher helps. General question

Problems with a certain system or software within a course?
-->The teacher helps

Practical knowledge about the basic systems at Hanken?
--> Check-out available manuals.

How do I find available tools at Hanken?
--> Login on this website and check out the list under Tools (on the black bar, to the right).
Why do you need to log in? --> Because more tools are available then.