Study services

On this page you can find services offered to you as a Hanken student.

For additional study services, please click here and scroll down.

Short study matters: certificates, submitting forms etc

Student Service, Quantum, 1st floor

Open: Tue-Thu at 11.30-13
Telephone: 050 465 9521 on Tue-Thu at 11.30-13, NB! Closed on Tuesday 24 November!
E-mail: studyinfo(at)  

Office of Study Affairs

Open: Tue-Thu at 11.30-13
Telephone: 050 465 9521 on Tue-Thu at 11.30-13
E-mail: studyinfo(at)  


The study counsellors offer study counselling for bachelor's and master's degree students at Hanken mainly when it comes to the degree structure and in what order you should take your courses. We don’t have detailed information about specific courses, so please see course page on Moodle or contact the course instructor in such matters. If you need technical support when it comes to participating in courses through Teams or other IT matters, please email

Study counselling in Teams:

Helsinki students: book a time in the booking system. Log in with you Hanken account. Please click on the exclamation mark to the right of each listed service to see the English name of it. Click on the service of your choice and click on a date to see what times are available (note that the calender shows available timeslots for the upcoming 14 days). Click on a timeslot to book a study counselling session. Fill in your name, email address, student number and phone number (so we can reach you should there be a technical problem in Teams). After booking a time, you will receive a calender invitation with a Teams link to the email address you filled in. 
If you do not have a Hanken account you can contact us by email on

Vaasa students: book a time by emailing


Individual coaching for students

  • Do you find the idea of mainly studying remotely during this academic year a bit tiresome?
  • Would you like to have better routines in order for your studies to go more smoothly?
  • Are you in the habit of procrastinating and leaving everything to the last minute or do you just take on too much?
  • Or have you perhaps lost your motivation for your studies or feel a bit insecure about what you want to do after graduating?

Hanken’s study coach can help you if you have answered yes to any of the questions above or if you otherwise feel like you would like some support with your study motivation, study skills, time management, or finding a balance between studies and your free time.

Who is the study coaching for?
The study coach is available to all degree students and PhD students at Hanken. You do not have to feel that you have a problem or that you are stuck in your studies to contact the study coach, it is enough that there is something you are thinking about and would like to talk about with someone. You do not have to be able to describe exactly what it is you want to discuss, we will figure that out together.

You can book 1-3 coaching sessions during the academic year.

You can book a 45-minute coaching session with the coach Alexandra Ohls. The session will be held online on Teams.

The coaching sessions confidential and free of charge.


Alexandra Ohls is a certified coach (ICF Associate Certified Coach) who is also familiar with Hanken, having worked for several years at Hanken in study administration, among other things. You can read more about study coaching in this interview with Alexandra.

Contact information
Phone: +358 50 4136 802
Email: alexandra.ohls(at)

The study psychologist can support you in the following situations:

  • Time management and planning
  • Balance between studies and leisure
  • Learning strategies and study skills
  • Performance anxiety
  • High demands on yourself
  • Motivation and determination
  • You want to get more out of your studies
  • Writer’s block in the thesis writing process

Helsinki and Vaasa:

The study psychologist meets with the students online. You can use your computer (if it has a camera) or smartphone. The study psychologist holds the meetings in Swedish, Finnish or English.

Study psychologist Daniel Ventus
Phone: 046 921 61 21


To support the students during this special year with remote studies, Hanken also offers the possibility of psychotherapy session for Hanken’s degree students, PhD students and incoming exchange students. The purpose is to promote and support the mental well-being of the students through solution-based psychotherapy and thus maintain the students’ study ability during the ongoing corona pandemic.

Psychotherapy can help you if you feel depressed or anxious or suffer from other disorders or difficulties that interfere with your everyday life. The individual therapy sessions are confidential and free of charge. The conversations will be held remotely, in Swedish or English, and will last 45-60 minutes. As a student, you can book 1–5 therapy sessions during the academic year.

You can contact psychotherapist Camilla Laine to book an appointment by emailing from your Hanken email. Please note that you must use your Hanken email when you contact Camilla for the first time!

You don’t have to be alone
The University Chaplain is there for you also during the coronavirus pandemic

When you as a member of the Hanken community
· desire confidential conversation, pastoral counselling or prayer 

· feel the need to reflect upon life’s big questions (e.g. the meaning of life, hope and hopelessness, loneliness, insecurity)

· are isolated and need help (e.g. shopping)

Please contact the University Chaplain. I am there for all members of the university community regardless of their faith and convictions. 

Hanken's University Chaplain in Helsinki: Sonja Jakobsson WhatsApp, IG: @studentprasten Due to maternity leave, Sonja will be substituted 1.1.-31.12.2021 by Lisa Enckell, , 050-380 0662. 

Hanken's University Chaplain in Vaasa: Hanna Jern,, 044 480 8327.