Plan your career

Take four steps. To choose a career is a process, not a separate choice!

Career planning is the process of mapping out your own knowledge and competences, to identify possibilities that are offered and to make the most out of them in order to reach your goals. If you are wondering about

  • what kind of tasks you would like to work with in the future,
  • what options and opportunities you have,
  • your future career and the transition to working life,

career planning could be something worth looking into. At these pages, you will find exercises to help you out with your career planning. During the exercises, you will learn more about

  1. yourself
  2. the labour market, industries and working life
  3. making career choices and decisions
  4. making a plan for job hunting



It is not always easy to shape your own future, but if you start with what is necessary and then continue with what is possible, you will soon see that you can reach for what you thought was impossible. To get you started Career Services has put together a set of career planning excercises for you. Good luck!

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Career related events with Career Services

The starting point when looking for a job and planning your career is to know yourself and what it is you want. Additionally you need to know what the labour market looks like. Here on this web page you will become familiar with various models of career planning and can try out different career planning tools.

Other than familiarizing yourself with the career planning exercises here on the web you should keep your eyes open for our career related events in the Career Services weekly newsletter and the calendar to the right. During these events you get the chance to network, discuss, get feedback and valuable ideas, as well as inspiration for your career planning.

The Career Services staff also offers you personal guidance to support your career planning. Book a time to career planner ann-christine.hemming(at) in Vasa or in Helsinki.

Personal assessment tests to support your career planning

On the Highered career portal Opens in new window you have the opportunity to do four different career related self assessment tests by clicking on My Tests. The themes of the tests are:

  • Work-related Behaviour (management)
  • Numerical Reasoning (consumer)
  • Verbal Reasoning (consumer)
  • Vocational Interests and Motivation

After doing all four tests you will get access to a professional report when you are finished. Perhaps you will get to know yourself a little better.