On this page you are introduced to the activities the GODESS Institute is a part of: direct activities and associated activities.

GODESS Activities

1. RINGS - The Internatitonal Research Association of Institutes of Advanced Research Studies Opens in new window

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3. EQ-UNI list and the European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education

European Network on Gender Equality in Higher Education was established after the first European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education, organised in August 1998 by the University of Helsinki with support of the Finnish Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the Academy of Finland. The network, operational from 1999, connects researchers, practitioners, academic leaders, administrators, policy makers and students across Europe and beyond, interested in and working on to promote gender equality and diversity in higher education and research, and keen to exchange experiences and information and collaborate at European level and internationally in this area. The network differs from many other networks in the academic realm in that it connects different types of stakeholders around common interest in gender equality.

The network is connected by a listserv eq-uni, which was until May 2018 hosted by the University of Helsinki. In June 2018 Hanken School of Economics and its GODESS Institute took over as the new host.

The aim of the eq-uni list is to share information on gender equality and diversity issues and promotion in higher education and research, across Europe and beyond. It circulates calls for papers for conferences, workshops and other events, information on relevant research, legal reforms, policy resources, and can also be used for partner search and other networking purposes. It is, however, important to stress that the eq-uni is not a discussion list by nature; for that purpose there are other channels. The eq-uni is today an established communication channel in the international gender equality community in higher education and research, and has in September 2018 over 600 subscribers from over 30 countries.

The moderators of the list are Professor Liisa Husu, affiliated researcher at Hanken, and Dr. Charlotta Niemistö, Director of the GODESS Institute. All messages to the list go through moderation. Please email <> if you wish to become a member.

The European network has also contributed in organising, in partnership with local universities and national stakeholders, all in all ten subsequent not-for-profit European conferences since 1998 with 150-360 participants, in leading European universities in Zurich, Genoa, Oxford, Berlin, Stockholm, Bergen, Vienna, Paris, and in 2018 in Trinity College Dublin. Spain has committed to organising the 11th European conference in Madrid in 2020. The organisation of each conference has taken place as a collaboration of universities, research councils, relevant ministries in the host countries and the hosting cities. 


Associated Activities

IPSP - International Panel for Social Progress Opens in new window



GODESS members

Charlotta Niemistö was expert in ”Hållbarhet och jämställdhet inom framtidens högteknologiska arbetsliv” -project in 2020-2021, funded by NIKK/Nordic Council of Ministers.

Charlotta Niemistö was Advisory Board member in “Tasa-arvo ja isät” -project in 2019-2021, funded by TSR.

Janne Tienari gave a master’s course on “Gender, management and organization” at Hanken in October-December 2020, with excellent participant feedback (co-teacher Anna Maaranen).

Janne Tienari supervised master’s thesis: How networking shapes gendered outcomes in a Swedish-speaking Finnish setting. A case study on the networking behaviour of students at Hanken School of Economics (Melina Weckman / Hanken 2020).

Janne Tienari collaborated with PwC Finland on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias seminars.