FAQs about Hanken Bachelor in Business programme.

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1. Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply to the programme. Applicants must fulfil general eligibility requirements for access to higher education.

2. How can I apply?

The application is arranged as a part of the national joint application 3.1.2024 at 8.00 until 17.1.2024 at 15.00 via the portal studyinfo.fi. Applications are submitted online.You can choose the study option "Business, Bachelor and Master of Science (in Economics and Business Administration) (3 + 2 yrs) – Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki" to apply. Add it as one of your application choices. More instructions on how to fill the application form is available at studyinfo.fi

Students are admitted based on aptitude tests SAT and ACT or based on certificates. Only the following certificates can be considered in the certificate-based admission: Finnish matriculation examination, Reifeprüfung/Deutsches Internationales Abitur certificate completed in Finland, International Baccalaureate (IB) completed anywhere or European Baccalaureate (EB) completed anywhere. 

3. When are admission results published?

Admission results are published latest during May 2024.

4. When do studies begin?

Studies for both of Hanken's bachelor programmes begin in early autumn, usually the last week of August.

5. Will the programme be available both in Helsinki and Vaasa?

No, the new English bachelor’s programme will only be taught in Helsinki. In Vaasa you can attend the Swedish taught bachelor’s programme, the Swedish taught master’s programme and the English taught master’s programme and our PhD programme.

6. Are there any tuition fees for the bachelor's degree programmes?

There is a fee for non-EU/EEA students. More information can be found here

7. Does Hanken offer scholarships?

Hanken offers scholarships to students liable to tuition fees. More information can be found here.

8. What is the difference between the application in January and the one in March?

The application period in January is only for the bachelor’s programme taught in English. The application round in March is for the Swedish taught bachelor’s programme and the master’s programme taught in Swedish.

9. Can I apply to both the Swedish and English bachelor programmes?

Yes, you can. Note that the language of tuition is different and that the admission requirements differ. If you apply to both programmes please notice that you can only accept one study offer per academic year. 

10. Can I continue my studies to a masters?

Yes, the master’s programme is integrated. Thus, if you get admitted to Hanken’s bachelor programme, you also get the study right to automatically continue at master’s level at Hanken (with no further applications).

11. What about housing, especially for foreign students moving to Finland?

Finland has a well-functioning private housing market. Furthermore, Hanken has student apartments in two locations and the Foundation for student housing in the Helsinki region (Hoas) offers student apartments in different sizes around Helsinki. You can read more here.

12. Is Helsinki a safe place for young students?

Finland and its capital Helsinki (and all other cities) are very safe. Finland has a good, functioning, non-corrupt police and government. Finland is one of the safest countries to live and travel in. Finland is also the world’s happiest country! Read more under "Why Helsinki, Finland"

13. Will there be introduction days and tutoring?

Yes, Hanken arranges introduction days for all new students. These are usually arranged in the end of August, one week before the older students come back to campus. All new bachelor students also get tutors, who help them navigate Hanken and student life. New students are always carefully and thoroughly taken care of, so that everyone’s university start is as good as possible.

14. How is the study environment at Hanken?

We are a small university which guarantees a home feel and cozy environment,  where you usually know most of the people you see in our hallways. Both Hanken and the student union offers study places, both silent ones for studying alone and places where you can do group work or study together with your friends.

The student union also offers a variety of activities and support functions, e.g. tutors, study circles and social activities. You can read more about the student union here

15. Why would one choose Hanken before any other university or university of applied sciences in Finland?

In Finland there is a difference in the degree received depending on whether you attend a university, like Hanken, or a university of applied sciences. If you attend Hanken you get, first, a bachelor in science and then a master in science (if you choose to take a masters). If you attend a university of applied sciences, you receive a bachelor in arts but do not have the option to continue with a master's degree at the same school. 

Hanken’s building is in the heart of Helsinki (the capital of Finland) within walking distance both to the city centre and the beach. Hanken is quite a small university, about 2700 students with a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere also between students and personnel. Hanken offers a highly valued degree and is a triple crown, top ranked and respected university both in Finland and abroad. Hanken also has one of Finland’s best student unions and this guarantees an unforgettable study experience and friends for life.

16. How do I get more information about the Hanken Bachelor in Business programme?

At this stage you are welcome to leave your contact details here so that we can send you more information when we publish it. If you would like to know more about Hanken please check out our website – here you can find all relevant information about Hanken. Regarding the bachelor’s programme, we will arrange different information session during autumn where we will tell you more. You can both visit us at Hanken in Helsinki and attend open question hours on Teams remotely.