Mentorship is a valuable experience for both mentor and mentee

Melina Weckman och Oskar Storsjö deltog i mentorskapsprogrammet 2018-2019.jpg
Discussing career options with a mentor gave Melina Weckman new ambitions. For Oskar Storsjö, becoming a mentor helped him develop his leadership skills.

Hanken Alumnus Oscar Storsjö participated for the first time in the Hanken Mentorship Programme during the academic year 2018–2019. His experiences from the programme as a mentee were positive, and now he feels that being a mentor is a valuable experience.

“It helps me develop my leadership skills when I can understand how others reason. The fact that I can be a sounding board, that I get to both challenge and support, gives me skills that I can benefit from in my profession”, says Storsjö.

Storsjö graduated from Hanken in 2011 with a major in Marketing and today he works at the insurance company If as Head of Concepts and Business Development. Storsjö was mentor for Melina Weckman, who is completing her Master’s studies within Management and Organisation.

“It’s been useful to have someone to talk to who’s been in the same situation. The Mentorship Programme has given me new ambitions and the advice I’ve got has been very good”, says Weckman.

The Hanken Mentorship Programme is for students in the final stages of their studies. The mentors are Hanken Alumni who engage as mentors voluntarily. Mentors should have at least some experience from working life and a genuine interest in mentorship.

The Mentorship Programme starts in September and ends in May and the mentor and mentee meet approximately once a month.

Do you want to be a mentor? Read more about the Mentorship Programme and apply on  the pages for alumni.

This is a shortened translation of an article from the Hanken Magazine 2/2019. Read the whole article in Swedish here. You can read the magazine online here (mostly in Swedish).

You learn a lot from the individuals of the younger generation. Mentorship really is a two-way road.


It’s super that Hanken organises this. For an alumnus, it is important to get to give back to the alma mater. The mentees also receive a lot.