Report of Used Funds

Instructions regarding the report of used funds

A report of used funds is to be submitted through the online application system of the Support Foundations within the month following a trip / the end of the funding period.

  • The report is done by logging in to the system and choosing Create a report in the menu in the system. Fill out and attach the requested information and then submit the report electronically. You do NOT need to submit a paper version of the report. 
  • Reports on travel grants for conferences, courses, visits abroad etc. should include the number, the amount and the purpose of the grant and a short description of how the grant has been used including the starting and ending dates for the stays abroad. A certificate of a completed course from the institution giving the course should be included for courses, also language courses.
  • Also enclose a cost report with copies of the receipts /verifications for payments. Verifications for cost for the course, air travel and accommodation always has to be included. Booking confirmations are not accepted.
  • If the grant amount exceeds the costs, the difference is to be repaid into Hanken Support Foundation's account (see the information about the bank account under the heading "Requisition, payment and repayment"). The payment should include the name of the grantee, grant number and the text "repayment of grant". Please mention in your report that you are repaying a part of the awarded grant.
  • The report of used funds for full-time research should include the grant number, the amount or the funding period and information on activities during the funding period including publications produced.
  • The data on research projects, publications, participation in conferences and visits abroad has to be updated in the research database HARIS. Neglecting HARIS registration has effects on future applications.