Bachelor's degree studies

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Bachelor's studies in economics are offered in Swedish

Bachelor's studies at Hanken require knowledge of Swedish. The degree is a three-year programme with 180 ECTS credits. Please see the Swedish pages for further information.

Please find more information on the Bachelor level courses in economics under the link below.

After completing your Bachelor’s studies in economics, you can continue in our master’s programme. The master's programme has two tracks: A general study track in economics and a research study track in economics (rMsc). More information on them can be found from our master’s degree studies.


Structure of studies in Economics as a Minor at Hanken

Students should take at least 25 ECTS from the following courses:

Mandatory courses:
•    1135 Principles of economics, 6 ECTS
•    26032 Microeconomics – Competition, Welfare and Market Failures, 8 ECTS
•    2668 Intermediate Macroeconomics, 6 ECTS

Optional courses:
•    26030 Empirical methods in economics, 5 ECTS
•    2645 International Economics , 6 ECTS
•    2646 Economics of Strategy, 6 ECTS
•    2619 Economics of Organisation and Information, 6 ECTS