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The Mentorship Programme

Hanken mentorship programme

Would you like to get fresh ideas and insights and at the same time develop your expertise as a mentor? We are now looking for Hanken Alumni who would like act as mentors for Hanken students at the final stage of their studies.

Structure of the programme:

  • The programme starts at the end of January with a kick-off where all the pairs meet for the first time and receive information about the mentoring programme. 
  • Mentor and mentee should meet about once a month for 1-2 hours each time.
  • Every pair works out their individual ways to meet and work.
  • The meetings between the mentor and mentee are based on the mentee's needs and suggestions of themes for discussion.
  • Foremost the meetings circle around sharing thoughts and opinions about work, studies and the future. 
  • During the programme a total of three joint meetings will be held at Hanken.
  • The programme ends in November.

If you feel that you have a genuine interest in helping young Hanken students forward, you're the right person! We are looking for mentors both in Helsinki and Vaasa.

You learn a lot from the individuals of the younger generation. Mentorship really is a two-way road.


Mentorship is:

  • an excellent opportunity to broaden your experience and make new "young contacts".
  • an enriching experience, and experience to join and be part of a young person's development.
  • a platform for new ideas and impressions of how the younger generation thinks and feels today.
  • an opportunity to develop as a leader, coach and expert.

A good mentor:

  • is willing to share their experience, expertise, time and contacts
  • has well developed social intelligence and good communication skills
  • is a good listener and inspires the mentee by giving honest, constructive feedback
  • contributes with an objective point of view, so that the mentee's capacity for reflection and self-analysis is developed

Become a mentor in the mentorship programme


The next mentorship programme will start in January 2025. The application period is during the autumn. 

It’s super that Hanken organises this. For an alumnus, it is important to get to give back to the alma mater. The mentees also receive a lot.



Have you graduated within the last 5 years and would like to have a mentor?

Read more about the programme at Hanken's Career Services.
One prerequisite is that you have not participated in the programme during your studies.


Bild på mentorerna i Hankens mentorskapsprogram


If you have questions regarding the mentorship programme, please contact