Advice and Information for Doctoral researchers

Where you can get advice and information:

The Home Department

  • Introduces you to the department’s activities and the major’s structure, including practical matters
  • Arranges doctoral courses
  • Organises seminars, informs you about conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Helps with practicalities connected to the dissertation

Your Degree Supervisor

Within each subject there are Degree Supervisors for doctoral researchers who will inform researchers how the studies are set up and organised. Researchers can contact a Degree Supervisor in the major of their choice and discuss their plans prior to submitting an application.

The Degree Supervisor will help researchers to find the courses that should be included in their degree. The Degree Supervisor will also approve the researchers' study plans annually, and he/she will propose a Thesis Supervisor once the thesis theme has been established. Researchers who are going to take a course at another university or within a graduate school should consult their Degree Supervisor in order to make sure that the course can be included in the degree. The Degree Supervisor has to approve of the course before it is registered. When the time comes, the Degree Supervisor will administer the researcher's public dissertation defence usually acts as the Custos (chairman) of the defence.

Your Degree Supervisor:

  • Approves and discusses the annual study plan with you (in connection with the annual registration) as well as the follow-up of your studies
  • Gives consecutive researchers advising in major specific matters, courses and financing of doctoral studies
  • Determines if courses completed outside (or inside) Hanken can be included in your degree
  • Recommends a Thesis Supervisor or a Supervisor Committee to be appointed for you, which will then be approved by the Department Council (IR)
  • Proposes the pre-examiners, the public examination and the opponents and time for the public defence of your manuscript, as well as approval of your manuscript to the Academic Council.
  • Usually serves as Chair (sw. kustos), who is responsible for practical arrangements in connection with the public defence of the thesis

Your Thesis Supervisor/s

Every doctoral researcher should have a Thesis Supervisor or a so-called Supervisor Committee once the theme of the thesis has been established. The Department Council will appoint the Thesis Supervisor based on the proposal of the Degree Supervisor. A Thesis Supervisor does not need to be employed at Hanken. The main thing is that he or she is an expert on the thesis subject and has an interest in the academic outcome. The Thesis Supervisor will help researchers in their thesis process and may also be able to provide ideas about courses and other subject-related material. The Thesis Supervisor (or if external, the Degree supervisor) is responsible for the arrangement of licentiate seminars.

Information about Funding and Studies Abroad

Please, see information on funding doctoral studies and other grants, as well as possibilities to fund studies abroad.

Coaching for PhD researchers

Hanken offers study coaching for both PhD researchers and students at Bachelor and Master level. Here you can find more detailed information about the study coaching for doctoral researchers and how you can book a coaching session.

Student Psychologist

Please see the information under study services.

Emailing List for Doctoral Researchers

As a doctoral researcher at Hanken you are, via your Hanken email address, a member of the email list for doctoral researchers. Through the list doctoral researchers at Hanken will receive information about for example doctoral courses, seminars, tutorials and grants. It should be noted that information on doctoral courses organised by the graduate schools and EIASM is not provided, as all information on these courses is available at the web sites of those organisations. Bodies such as KATAJA , KAVA and EIASM have their own mailing lists that researchers are welcome to join.

Any researcher not wishing to be on the doctoral researchers email list should send a message to stating this fact.

Software and Other Equipment

Researchers might need specialist software at some point of their studies (for example, in order to carry out data analysis). Hanken has purchased licenses for some applications, and access can be obtained by contacting the IT-services. In addition, departments might have licences for applications that may be of assistance, please turn to the secretary at your department. The library also has valuable information on databases and equipment available to doctoral researchers.

For other equipment, such as dictating machines and presentation equipment, researchers can contact their department or IT-Services.


When travelling, the SIP (Student Insurance Program) is recommended for doctoral researchers. This is an insurance you take at your own expense. Further information on