Hanken’s Summer Podcast

Lake wiev
Tune in and listen to 15 insightful summer talks from the summer of 2020. Each episode is around 15 minutes long - sit back, relax and unleash the world of science!

Christian Grönroos

Episode 1: Customer, Company and Service

Listen to Professor Emeritus Christian Grönroos explain why companies must servicefy their offering and how to reach success with the customer at the centre. 

Language: Swedish

Christian's Book recommendation: Books by Tove Jansson. 


Anu Norrgrann

Episode 2: The home as a scene of consumption

Listen to researcher Anu Norrgrann talk about how the corona pandemic changed the functioning of the home.

Language: Swedish

Anu's Book recommendation: My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante

Topi Miettinen

Episode 3: Economic models and the corona pandemic

Listen to Professor Topi Miettinen explain why consumers do not always act at their best interest.

Language: Swedish

Topi's Book recommendation: Misbehaving by Richard Thaler.

Peter Björk

Episode 4: Where is my vacation?

Listen to Professor Peter Björk talk about how we travel and spend our vacation during the Corona crisis.

Language: Swedish

Peter's Book recommendation: Knife by Jo Nesbø.

Charlotta Niemistö

Episode 5: Work life and leadership

Listen to researcher Charlotta Niemistö talk about human sustainability and work life boundaries.

Language: Swedish

Charlotta's Book recommendation: Dockorna by Katarina Wennstam. (The book is not translated to English)

Emma Nordbäck

Episode 6: Virtual workplaces

Listen to assistant professor Emma Nordbäck inspire managers and employees to work in sustainable ways.

Language: English

Emma's Book recommendation: Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

Gyöngyi Kovács

Episode 7:Humanitarian logistics in pandemics 

Listen to Professor Gyöngyi Kovács talk about trade wars, cold chains and why silence matters.

Language: English

Gyöngyi's Book recommendation: Guns by Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond and The box by Marc Levinson.

Hanna Silvola

Episode 8: Public subsidies and sustainability

Listen to Associate Professor Hanna Silvola explain why the Finnish government should create criteria for transparent sustainability data

Language: Finnish

Hanna's Book recommendation: Modern China: Financial Cooperation for Solving Sustainability Challenges by Cary Krosinsky

Sören Kock

Episode 9: Cooperation between competitors

Listen to Professor Sören Kock talk about copetition as a strategy for survival.

Language: Swedish

Sören's Book recommendation: The Routledge Companion to Coopetition Strategies by Anne-Sophie Fernandez, Paul Chiambaretto, Frédéric Le Roy och Wojciech Czakon.

Sofia Stolt

Episode 10: Texts during the Corona-spring

Listen to Sofia Stolt, University Lecturer in the Swedish language, talk about distance education, supervision and Hemmingway.

Language: Swedish

Sofia's Book recommendation: The old man and the sea by Hemingway.

Nikodemus Solitander

Episode 11: Disaster capitalism

Listen to researcher Nikodemus Solitander talk about crises, Greta Thunberg and corporate social responsibility.

Language: Swedish

Nikodemus' Book recommendation: The Broken Earth by NK Jemisin.

Annika Ravald

Episode 12: Agility, toughness and inventiveness

Listen to University Lecturer Annika Ravald talk about why proud small businesses are doing best.

Language: Swedish

Annika's Book recommendation: Morsning & goodbye by Magnus Härenstam

Torkel Tallqvist

Episode 13: Entrepreneurship within companies

Listen to Professor of Practice Torkel Tallqvist talk about the importance of innovation and a new field of study at Hanken.

Language: Swedish

Torkel's Book recommendation: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and Economic Transformations: General Purpose Technologies and Long Term Economic Growth by Richard G. Lipsey, Kenneth I. Carlaw and Clifford T. Bekar.

Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes

Episode 14: Food and the need for change

Listen to researcher Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic can change how we relate to sustainability.

Language: English

Maria's Book recommendation: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Karen Spens

Episode 15: Hanken, spring and the future.

Listen to rector Karen Spens talk about how Hanken acted during the challenging spring and how she looks at the fall and the time after the corona pandemic.

Language: Swedish

Karen's Book recommendation: My story by Michelle Obama.