Other forms of publication by GODESS Institute's scholars


Jeff Hearn, ‘Masculinities and gender justice: The need for systems change’, Ubuntu MenEngage Alliance, 19 January 2021.

Jeff Hearn, ‘Absence-presences, memes and masculinity’, with T. Haynes, #MeToo: Thinking Ahead Spring Series, RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference and Gender Equality Studies and Training (GEST), University of Iceland, 18 February 2021. 

Jeff Hearn, ‘Men and masculinities: Do they/we matter for gender equality in research and academia?’, Departmental seminar, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Seminar Cycle, Faculty of Science, University of the Republic, Uruquay, 11 March 2021. 

C. Hee Pedersen, J. Hearn, U. Forseth, M. Vlachou and R. Hamm,Video panel, Collective Memory Work: Time, Institute for Critical Theory e. V. Berlin, and Maynooth University and April 2021, 

C. Niemistö, J. Hearn, A. Moring, and N. van der Gaag, Podcast: ’From the economy of work to the economy of care’, Sustainability Unwrapped Series, Hanken School of Economics, April 2021.

Jeff Hearn, ’Men, masculinities, violence, and digital violence’, Sociology Lecture/Seminar, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 11 May 2021. 

Jeff Hearn, Keynote ’Reprising political masculinities: a single simple idea or a case of too many ideas?, and Closing Panel, International Workshop on Political Masculinities as an Analytical Category, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS), Amsterdam, 17-18 June 2021.


Janne Tienari gave talks in Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (October 2020) and #Mimmitkoodaa (November 2020).

David L. Collinson and Jeff Hearn ’Gendering Leadership in Times of COVID: The Case of the ‘Strong Man’’ Opens in new window , Leadership for the Greater Good: Reflections on Today's Challenges from Around the Globe, International Leadership Association Blog, 15 October 2020. 

David L. Collinson and Jeff Hearn ’Trump v. Biden: A duel of contrasting masculinities’ Opens in new window , The Conversation, 23 October 2020. 

Jeff Hearn ’Symposium: Social World and Pandemic: Questions on COVID-19’ Opens in new window , with S. Patel, R. Abramovay, M. Alario Ennes and B. Sorj, Simpósio 5 | Mundo Social e Pandemia Opens in new window , organised by A. Bittencourt and M. Hoelz, Sociologia & Antropologia and Blog da Biblioteca Virtual do Pensamento Social [Social Thought Virtual Library Blog Opens in new window ], Brazilian Society of Sociology, May 2020.

Jeff Hearn Rapporteur Conference Report Opens in new window . 5th International Conference on Men and Equal Opportunities: Men Who Care Opens in new window , Ministry of Social Affairs, Tallinn, 2020, 31 pp.

Jeff Hearn Keynote (recorded video and online discussion), ‘Critical studies on men and masculinities: Problematics, frameworks, futures’, The Intersection(s) of Ageism and Masculinities, MASCAGE/EuroAgeism Conference, Bar Ilan University, Israel, 6 February 2020.

Jeff Hearn Keynote, ‘(Men) Talking (About) and Writing (About) Violence/Violation Offline/Online’, Making Sense of Violence in a Digital Age Symposium, Nordic Summer University, Narrative and Violence Study Circle, University of Gdansk, Poland, 24-26 February 2020.

Jeff Hearn Webinar Invited key speaker, ‘What have (changing) men and masculinities got to do with gender equality in research?’, Mobilizing and Engaging. Creating long-lasting commitment for
gender equality in research Opens in new window
, EU Horizon2020, Gender Equality Academy, 26 March 2020.

Jeff Hearn Webinar, ‘On violence policy and women-friendly welfare regimes: from gender regimes to (gender) violence policy regimes?’, with D. Balkmar, S. Strid,  A.L. Humbert and M. Delainay, CFS Seminar, Örebro University, 21 April 2020.

Jeff Hearn Webinar, ’Crisis, COVID and the case for cross-disciplinary studies for the future’,  CCR & GODESS After-Work @Home #4 Opens in new window , Hanken School of Economics and international participation online, 14 May 2020.

Jeff Hearn Invited Contributor, Academic Law Commission Roundtable, Internet Image Abuse, 23 June 2020.

Jeff Hearn Contributor, Open Collaborative Online Course: Gender Equality in Research and Innovation, Gender Equality Academy, 24 June 2020.

Jeff Hearn Keynote, 'What would Marina say? Covid-19, men/masculinities and the politics of life and death’ Opens in new window , and panel ’Men, masculinities and Covid-19’, with S.R. Burrell and T. Shand, MAN2020 conference and 24 hour event, 29-30 June, Belgrade, Serbia, 30 June 2020.

Jeff Hearn Contributor, Care and care work Opens in new window , Manual labours, webinar, 6 July 2020.

Jeff Hearn Panel, How can men play a proactive role in supporting women’s leadership and tackling gender stereotypes and negative social norms? UN Women Multi-stakeholder Hearing: Accelerating the Realization of Gender Equality and the Empowerment of all Women and Girls. Opens in new window Interactive panel discussion: Women’s and girls’ voices, participation and leadership. 21 July 2020. 

Jeff Hearn ’From gender regimes to violence regimes: Re-thinking the position of violence Opens in new window ’, Varieties of Gender Regimes Webinar Opens in new window , Violence and Society Centre Opens in new window , City, University of London, UK, and Essen College for Gender Research Opens in new window , University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany, 24 September 2020. 

Jeff Hearn ‘The spread of intimate partner violence online: Implications for work organisations’, with M. Hall, R. Lewis and C. Niemistö, Centre for Feminist Social Studies, Örebro University, 29 September 2020.

Jeff Hearn ’Gendering men and masculinities in research and academia: theory, policy, practice’, EMBO/EMBL/HHMI conference “Gender roles and their impact in academia” Opens in new window , Heidelberg, 13-15 October 2020. 

Jeff Hearn Panel contributor, What is the impact of social science? WeAll Final Public Seminar on Working Life and Gender Equality University of Helsinki Opens in new window , 22 October 2020.

Jeff Hearn ‘Why study men and masculinities? And with what implications for academia and science?’, Invited seminar, Ammachilabs and Center for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, Amrita University, Kerala, India, 29 October 2020.

Jeff Hearn Invited speaker, Global Perspectives on Critical Men and Masculinities Studies, The Routledge International Handbook of Masculinity Studies Book Launch, Stockholm, 30 October 2020.

Jeff Hearn ’(Ir)responsible Organising with(out) Attention to Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality’, Doctoral course, Responsible Organising: New perspectives on social inequalities. KATAJA/EIASM/Eden/Hanken School of Economics, Finland, 10 November 2020.

Jeff Hearn Final Conference Panel, Men and Masculinities, MenEngage Alliance Global Ubuntu Opens in new window , 12 November 2020.

Jeff Hearn  Book launch Opens in new window , with G. Chandra, I, Erlingsdóttir, A. Davis, P. Sen, M. Larasi, F. Haraldsdóttir, M. Grabowska and C. Enloe, The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of the #MeToo Movement, University of Iceland, 3 December 2020.