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You always need to add the course to your study plan before registering for teaching, your registration won't be accepted otherwise.

In the registration to the teaching the time of the registration doesn’t matter. This means you are as likely to get a spot in the teaching regardless of whether you register on the last or first day of the registration period.

If you are a student who began your studies the academic year 2022-2023 or earlier, please acquaint yourself with these instructions in order to update your study plan and find teaching for the academic year 2023-2024.

Quick guide for the registration in Sisu

  1. Add the course to your study plan in the correct place
  2. Check that you fulfil the necessary criteria and that you are part of the correct target group for the teaching.
  3. Select the completion method and teaching on the Completion method tab in the pop-up window.
  4. Complete the registration until Sisu tells you it seems like you are either going to be accepted to the course or not.
  5. If Sisu tells you that you do not fulfil the criteria, check them and correct the ones you can affect yourself.

Contents of the page


Course descriptions

The course descriptions changed a bit for the academic year 2023-2024.

The learning outcomes and content of the course, as well as the prerequisites can be found on the Information sheet tab in the pop-up window when clicking on the course code in the study plan.


The following information can be found in the description of the teaching:

  • study methods
  • assessment
  • workload
  • study materials
  • registration dates
  • number of seats in the course
  • requirements you need to fulfil to get an accepted registration, eg. target group

Go to the Completion methods tab, and click on the teaching to be taken further down on the page to the information.


There you can find the study methods, assessment, workload, and study materials.


By clicking on Registration you can find the registration dates, number of seats in the course, and requirements you need to fulfil to get an accepted registration. It would be good to get used to check for example the target groups of the teaching before registering, especially regarding the optional courses you search for and add to your plan yourself. The teaching in the example is only open for master's students in Helsinki and Vaasa, exchange students on master's level and non-degree students.


Groups and teaching times contains information about the schedule of the teaching. More information about the schedule can be found in the instructions for the study calendar.

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Preparations in the study plan: Selection of method of completion and teaching

To be able to register for courses you need to have selected the course in your study plan. See instructions for the study plan here if you haven't created a study plan in Sisu yet.

Begin by opening the study plan in Sisu, and click on the course code for the course you want to register to.

Go to the Completion methods tab.


New for 2023-2024: Since we transitioned to campus neutral codes, ie. all -V and -E codes have been discontinued, the teaching for Helsinki and Vaasa is now found on the same course code.

Click either on Method 1 or Method 2 depending on your place of study. If the method of completion is called Helsinki&Vaasa the teaching in that method of completion is open for students from both places of study. After clicking on the method, confirm the choice by clicking on "Select this completion method".


After that you should click the blue button saying "Select" on the same row as the teaching you want to choose. Please note that you have not yet enrolled for the teaching, that is done in the next steps.


If there is no blue link under Teaching it means there is no teaching offered for this course during this academic year.

In the future you can do these preparatory steps whenever you find teaching for the courses in Sisu. This means you can choose the completion method and the teaching before the enrolment opens.

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Registration in the study calendar

On the right hand side of the Study calendar page you'll find a black panel with three menu tabs:

  • Under the tab Teaching not selected you'll find a list of the courses for which you haven't selected the teaching yet.
  • Under the tab Registration you'll find the teaching you've selected in your study plan, both ones you've registered for, and not registered for.
    • The filters below Registration help you find your registrations and see for example whether you've registered for all the courses you've selected in your plan.
  • Under the tab Finished and discontinued you'll find teaching that has ended and courses you've discontinued your participation in. You cannot register again for courses you've discontinued.

To enrol to the teaching, begin with clicking on the Registration tab if it isn't activated already. Make sure that the filter Waiting for registration is activated. If you come to the study calendar directly from the "Continue to enrolment" link in the study plan, you will automatically be taken to the right enrolment. Please note that you need to do the preparations in the study plan described above to be able to register for the teaching.

Registration correct filter

Scroll down to the teaching you want to enrol in. You can see the name and dates for the teaching as well as information about the registration period. Register for the course by clicking the blue "Register" button.

Registration example

Confirm your registration in the popup window. At study right you can select which study right you want to register with if you have several study rights. Make sure to select the study right for which you created the study plan with the course in it. If the teaching has extra questions you need to answer them. If the course isn't found in your primary study plan Sisu will notify you at this point. Go back and add the course to your study plan before coming back to complete the registration.

When you have registered, Sisu will preliminarily let you know whether you get a spot in the teaching or not. Please note that preliminary acceptance does not yet guarantee you a place in the course. The definite confirmation will take place after the registration period has ended.

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How do I check my registration?

Where do I check the status of my registration?

During the registration period, you will see the current status of your registration and the preliminary placement in groups in the Study calendar. You will see one of the following notifications in the same spot where you originally registered:

  • Your registration is complete. The registrations have not been confirmed yet. If the registration ended now, you would be selected.
  • Your registration is complete. The registrations have not been confirmed yet. Requirements are not fulfilled. You cannot be selected for the teaching.
  • Your registration has been confirmed.
  • Your registration was declined.

“The registrations have not been confirmed yet.” means that students for the course have not been confirmed definitively. Please note that the status of your registration may change as long as it has not been confirmed. Confirmations are usually done the day after the registration period ends.

Preliminärt godkänd

You will also see a notification if you do not meet the requirements for registration and cannot be selected for the teaching, as well as the criteria that you do not meet. If possible, please correct the reported deficiencies and re-register. See also the instructions: What should I do if my registration is declined? further down on this page.

Preliminärt inte vald

Updating a registration

It is necessary to update your registration when you wish to change your preferred groups, the study right used in the registration or your answers to the registration questions. You can update your registration as long as the registration period is ongoing. Updating your registration is done in the same way as the original registration: if necessary, select your preferred groups and then click the Update registration button.

update registration button

If necessary, select the study right and answer possible registration questions in the confirmation dialog box. Finally, confirm the registration. You will get a notification at the top of the view after the registration is updated. After a few seconds, a notification about the status of the registration will replace it.

How do I know if I have been selected for the course?

The teaching groups for which you have been selected have been marked with an approval mark.

approved mark

In very few courses, participants might be selected in order of registration. In this case, you will receive a confirmation of admission to the course directly after registration: “Your registration has been confirmed / Your registration was declined”. You can also recognise this type of registration from the number of places icon for teaching groups. The number and colours of the circles in the icon is always the same and does not reflect the number of places in the teaching.

icon registration
Approved registration sisu

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What should I do if my registration is declined?

If you did not get a place on the course, you will receive a notification after the registration period has ended saying: “Your registration has been declined, you have not been selected for the teaching”.

If the course still has places available, late registration might be opened afterwards, allowing you to re-register. Late registered students are selected in order of registration. Sisu does not have an automatic waitlist function.

If your registration is declined as soon as you register, you either do not meet the prerequisites for the course, or fulfil the other criteria required for registering. Make sure these things are in order before you re-register or contact the teacher:

  • Check the selection criteria for the teaching, especially the prerequisites and the target group. Most of the teaching at Hanken is limited to specific target groups.
  • You have registered as present for the time of the teaching.
  • The course is in your primary study plan and you have chosen the right completion method.
  • If you have multiple study rights, make sure you have registered through the correct study plan and study rights.

Note! If you are supposed to attend a course even if you do not meet the selection criteria, please contact the teacher well in advance before the registration closes.

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Canceling your registration

If you want to cancel your registration to a course, do so in the Study calendar.

Make sure these filters are turned on in the panel to the right, to find the courses you are registered to.

Click on "Cancel registration" and then on "Confirm" in the pop-up window that opens.

Lastly, you can click om "Remove". This means that the teaching is no longer selected in your study plan (the first step with the blue Select-button). If you don't click on "Remove" you will receive a reminder about not having registered for the teaching you've selected yet.

Remove button

Discontinue when teaching has already started

If the teaching has already started you can discontinue your participation in the course. This is done in the same place in the study calendar. Click on "Withdraw from this course".

Withdraw button

Sisu will warn you that you won't be able to re-register for this teaching. This means that you won't be able to register for this specific teaching you are now discontinuing. You can, however, still register for another teaching for the same course later. Click on "Confirm" to discontinue your participation.

Witdraw from teaching

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