Doctoral Studies

Passionate about Humanitarian Logistics? Interested in writing a PhD about this subject? Find information here about our Doctoral Studies!

The core topic Humanitarian Logistics is under the subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.

The studies leading to a PhD degree require four years of full-time study, of which approximately one year consists of course work. The thesis project constitutes the remaining part of the degree and is carried out under active supervision.

Hanken is a member of several Finnish Graduate Schools and is involved in active collaboration with international networks and other universities. This guarantees the availability of a wide range of courses and other scholarly activities to our students.

The subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility also arranges subject-specific courses as well as takes part in arranging the Managing the Research Process (MRP) course. MRP provides the tools and information needed in order to finish a PhD thesis. The subject-specific courses focus on interesting themes according to the needs of doctoral students in the subject. The subject also has good national and international contacts. International research collaboration and exchange is especially encouraged.

Highlighted theses from our researchers: