Two study locations

Hanken operates at two locations in Finland: in the capital Helsinki, which offers an exciting combination of high-tech, design and nature, and in Vaasa, which represents a centre of the entrepreneurial atmosphere and the energy cluster of the region.

Hanken’s motto is that we are one entity operating on two locations. This means that we do not have two sets of decision making bodies or budgets, but all decision-making and advisory bodies have representation from both locations and make decision on behalf of the entire university.

The majority of the subjects offer teaching and have staff on both locations. Even though all faculty members have a main place of work, all are expected to teach students at both locations. The support staff mainly works in Helsinki.

Hanken’s students choose their place of study already when applying to Hanken and conduct their studies at the location they were accepted to. Hanken’s Student Union have activities on both locations.

Hankens byggnad i Helsingfors
Hankens main building in Helsinki


Hanken i Vasa.
Hankens building in Vaasa