General information

General information for degree supervisors.
  • Information on the procedures for changing major/campus as well as on the appointment and/or change of degree and thesis supervisors can be found here.
  • Rules for transferring course credits completed outside Hanken can be found here.
  • General information on the structure of doctoral courses and information on non-credit courses and activities can be found here.
  • Degree Regulations 2020


Annual development discussions with doctoral researchers

Every doctoral researcher who wishes to register as present should have a annual development discussion with their supervisor. 

The development discussion is carried out with the degree supervisor and when possible also with the thesis supervisor/s. The participation by the thesis supervisor/s is especially relevant when the main emphasis is on the thesis project. It is therefore desirable that both the degree and thesis supervisor/s take part in the discussion when possible.

During the meeting the following is to be discussed: how the goals set for the previous academic year have been achieved and the goals set for the next academic year. This includes information on courses, the thesis project, conference presentations, progress of other papers and publications. Furthermore, the supervisor/s and you are to agree on rules on how to work together for the next 12 months. The discussion is based on the study plan (the old annual registration form can be used for this purpose).

Since autumn 2020 doctoral researchers do no longer need to fill in a study plan as a part of the annual registration. Doctoral researchers can still use the old annual registration form as a basis for the annual development discussion or fill in a supervision plan with their degree supervisor


In the beginning of each autumn semester, the Doctoral studies Coordinator will send all institutions a list of doctoral researchers who are registered as present.


The supervision plan below can be used