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This page is about the career possibilities of a Marketing major.

What does a marketing major become?

Graduates with a Marketing major work in a wide range of positions, varying from planning to decision-making and implementation of marketing in a company or an organization. They also work in sales or managing of marketing or sales in small and big companies. Our alumni can also be found in management consultant agencies, market research agencies, product and service design consultancies, and advertising and media agencies, just to mention a few.

Marketers also often have jobs in organizations in the public sector and in international organizations. Thanks to the language skills of Hanken's graduates, many of our alumni also land international marketing jobs, or positions at international companies. Also general business manager's jobs are open to marketing majors.

Some examples of what our Masters do: CRM manager, Export manager, Sales representative, Account manager, Key Account Manager, Brand manager, Sales manager, Purchasing manager, Buyer, Materials manager, Sourcing manager, Marketing assistant, Marketing manager, Project manager in an advertising agency, Advertising manager, Consultant.