Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is Hanken's communication platform and collaboration tool for all employees.

How do I find Teams?

  • Teams can be used both online via office365 and as a desktop application
  • You can find Teams in by clicking on the app launcher button at the top right
  • When using Teams via office365, you will also see a link at the top of the box to download Teams on your computer (recommended). For the phone, you get it via the "application store" 

What can you do in Teams?

  • Hold video meetings/lectures/workshops (recording function, group room, live chat, etc.)
  • Chat directly; with people, in the group in different channels (tag people with @users or tag the whole group @teamname)
  • Upload files in the different channels
  • Share files and edit together
  • Create notebooks and other types of files

Basic recommendations

  • When creating your team, always name the team with an appropriate name (employees can create different types of teams)
  • A team can have many channels - rather than creating new teams, create different channels for different purposes within a team - all members can create channels in a regular team
  • Channels can be private, i.e. you can have channels that are only for certain team members. 
  • A team always has one owner, the one who created the team, more can be added but keep the number low, - one owner can delete the entire team - including all chats and materials

Automatic teams

  • A basic team can be created automatically for each unit at Hanken - contact if your unit needs one (e.g. the data centre, the library, etc) - the same team can be created automatically for which there are automatic posting lists (departments, subjects, divisions, PhD students, associates, employees...).
  • In an automatic team, people are added or removed according to employment relationship and unit affiliation (in practice cost centre)

Team meetings

  • Team meetings can be booked directly in Teams or via Outlook either with individual invited participants or for an entire team