iThenticate is mainly used for doctoral thesis plagiarism check.

iThenticate- a web based plagiarism detection service

iThenticate is a web based plagiarism detection service. User can upload documents to folders and check them multiple times through the writing process for improper citation or potential plagiarism. iThenticate will not store papers.

iThenticate also enables teamwork: folders can be shared with other users.

An iThenticate account can be obtained by emailing ithenticate(at) .

Submitting Doctoral Thesis

  • Sign in to iThenticate
  • Create a new folder 'Doctoral Thesis' (click on 'New Folder', name the folder, click on 'Create'). Don't change the folder settings (or don't forget to change them back before you share it with your supervisor)
  • Upload your thesis there and work on them until you are satisfied with result
  • Share the folder 'Doctoral Thesis' with your your degree supervisor and manager of Hanken forskarutbildning (choose 'Sharing', select names you want to share with, click on 'Update sharing')