Safety and housing

Are Helsinki and Vaasa good places to study and live?

Finland prides itself for being a safe and clean country, and even our national state-operated Statistics Finland has a page where all the positive statistics about the country is gathered.

Crime rates are low and Helsinki has been ranked as one of the safest cities in the world (with rural Finland being considered even safer).

The standard of housing in Finland is high, which also applies to student housing. All apartments have double windows, and proper central heating as the winters can get quite cold. Indoor temperatures in Finland seldom go under 20 degrees Celsius. Finding an apartment can be tricky in the beginning of autumn, so students are advised to start looking well in advance. For students coming to Helsinki or Vaasa, there are several housing options.

In Helsinki there is Hanken's own student apartments i Arabianranta which is just a short tram-ride away from the university. In addition studens can apply for housing through the independent Helsinki region Foundation for Student Housing: HOAS. The apartments are usually shared apartments.

In Vaasa the independent studnet Housing Foundation VOAS offer apartments to students.

Many of our students also find their apartment on the private market, through websites such as Vuokraovi, and private actors such as SATO, Lumo and Newsec that administrate the renting of the apartments.

Hanken provides students with numerous housing tips.