JOO studies at Hanken

How to apply for the right to complete studies at Hanken through JOO studies

Do you want to participate in courses at Hanken, and you're a student registered as present at another university? Usually students are to apply for a JOO study right, especially if they want to include a full minor (25 cr) from Hanken into their BSc or MSc degree at another university.

All Finnish universities are signatories to an agreement whereby both undergraduate and postgraduate students are permitted to apply to take courses at other Finnish universities, provided that those courses are:

  • pre-approved by the student's own university and can be included within the student's degree/programme,
  • not offered at the student's own home university.
  • students must fulfill possible pre-requisites for the course(s) already when applying for the right to participate in a course based on the JOO agreement
  • The right to study will as a rule be granted for 2 years.

You can find our JOO-courses for incoming students here:

You apply for JOO study right at Hanken by filling in the form for appliation for study right for co-op studies, that you can find under the heading Non-degree students in our collection of forms.