JOO studies at Hanken

How to apply for the right to complete studies at Hanken through the JOO-agreement

If you are planning to complete a minor at Hanken, you need to complete basic and intermediate studies in a subject or a corresponding module. The module needs to contain at least 25 credits to be counted as a minor.

We have a continuous application time for courses in the ongoing or upcoming academic year, that have a confirmed JOO-offering. Note that you need to have a statement of acceptance from your home university before submitting your application to Hanken. A statement of acceptance is not a guarantee that you will get a spot at the course, since the number of spots is limited.

The application to Hanken needs to be submitted at least two weeks before the course starts, which, depending on your home university´s processing times, might mean that you need to apply for the statement of acceptance a month or several months before the course at Hanken starts.

Criteria for being granted a JOO -study right for courses at Hanken

  • When applying for a study right at Hanken, you need to have completed at least 54 credits at your home university. This criterion does not apply for beginner courses in foreign languages.
  • If you apply for JOO study right for a course that has prerequisites, you need to fill these prerequisites.
  • You can be granted the right to take no more than 72 credits at Hanken.
  • The right to study will as a rule be granted for 2 years. If you are at the end of your studies at your home university, the study right can be granted for a shorter time. The JOO study right is terminated when you graduate from your home university.

You can find our JOO-courses for incoming students here Opens in new window .

You apply for JOO study right at Hanken by filling in the form for application for study right for co-op studies, that you can find under the heading Co-op students in our collection of forms Opens in new window .