Computers for studying or working at Hanken with further links.

As a student at Hanken,

  • you will need a computer of your own for studies.
  • you have to be able to take care of your computer.
  • From Software Licences for Your Own Computer you can find some software to install on your computer (free or at a discounted student price)

For teaching and studying 

  • there are teacher's computers in all auditoriums
  • there are some computer rooms the students can use freely, as long as the CRs aren't booked
  • In Software in Computer Rooms, you can find out more about the software on the computers for teachers and in the computer rooms

As a member of the staff at Hanken:

  • you have a Hanken computer
    • the computer central handles the acquirement of computers
    • If you need a new computer, check with your Head of Department and ask
  • It is recommended that any extra programs are ordered in time for installation

All Hanken computers are installed with windows, and other operative systems are not supported.