Quality Assurance

Hanken maintains a high level of ambition towards quality and development with decades of experience in quality assurance.

NCU auditerad

The Hanken quality culture - influenced by a long tradition of self-evaluation - contributes to the fact that identified areas of improvement are seen as welcome challenges rather than unwanted obstacles. Hanken therefore appreciates external and internal evaluations.

The internationalisation of all areas of the School is an integral part of the quality assurance system and since the late 1990's Hanken has been engaged in international accreditations.

In 2006 Hanken also chose to be one of the first higher education institutions to be nationally audited of its quality assurance system. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) awarded Hanken with a quality label that is valid for six years from spring 2023. For more information about the national audit, please log in on Hanken.fi and choose National Quality Assurance Audit in the navigation menu to the right.

The Quality Policy of Hanken School of Economics is revised and approved by the Academic Council (AC) 31.10.2019 (updates in October 2020, updates in October 2022 and updates in September 2023):